Monday, September 29, 2008

Chisely 9-23-08

Capturing fleeting passengers on the 2.

Chisel pen came in handy with the hair in the foreground.

7th Ave and B (Thursday, 9-26-08)

Dude with light Adidas jacket on the platform at 7th ave. Kinda reminiscent of me but I usually wait ten more degrees before I start rocking mine.

Doing her bio reading on the B.

D-Pacific-R (Wednesday, 9-24-08)

Spockish doo on the D.

Some tired faces on the platform at Pacific and R train.

F train Wednesday 9-24-08

Some Ladies and Playing with a New Chisel (9-23-08)

B Train.
She was both washed out and bursting with color.

Playing with a new chisel point pen on the R.

Going Home, Monday 9-22-08

Two people listening to tunes, separated by the great 4 seat divide.

Another awkward tall-guy's eye point of view. Wish i had some brush, ink and water as there were so many levels of black going on between her hair and her outfit.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trenchcoat Days are Here Again (Monday, 9-22-08)

Lamenting the disappearing summer demonstrated by the appearance of a trenchcoat on the platform of the 7th ave station.

Trenchcoat lady in front of curly mcgrimace on the B.

Slumped over man was a good draw, but his back and forth shifting was making drawing the woman behind him difficult and made her relationship to her reflection tenuous at best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Large Lady and others, 1 to teh 3 (9-19-08)

Sketches on the 1 all ocal style and whatnot.

Large statured woman dwarfing her regular sized benchmates on the 3.

Last few moments of the evening ride.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Midday Trip to BK for Sickie Kid to Doc (Friday 9-19-08)

Elderly man with grey sweater on the way out on the 2.

Cool jacket coming back on the 2.

Old man with interesting rainbow hat and bright red baseball jacket, glancing at me nervously from time to time. I suspected he may have been "grandpa" Al Lewis in disguise (I suspect he is still alive, I see him EVERYWHERE!)

Tough Chick on the M, Sleeping Haredi on the D (Friday, 9-19-08)

Bad ass chick with frosty hair on the M train.

Dozing orthodox man riding in this morning on the D taking his Shabbos rest a little early..

1-2-R (Thursday, 9-18-08)

Skinny older man fidgeting nervously on the 1.

Contrasting styles on the 2. Woman on right had curls that almost looked fake. She may reappear in the adventures of ami plasse.

Closeup to slightly grizzly man on a crowded 2. A lot of people look grizzly when you get too close.

Quick ride on R Atlantic to Union.

Thursday morning on the B (9-18-08)

Ride Home (Wednesday, 9-17-08)

Wednesday 9-17-08

Crouching with a book, waiting for the D at Pacific.

Very pregnant on the D.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Faces on the Way Home (Tuesday, 9-16-08)

Walking by on the Houston street platform.

Curly high hair on the 1.

Reading on the 2.

More faces on the 2, guy on bottom left was tough as I was unnerved by his constant staring at me. Guy on bottom right was awesome.

Tuesday 9-16-08

Platform at Union Street.
Oy! the R train.
B train.