Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Giant Blond Fraux-Hawk on the R Train (Tuesday, 6-7-11)

It was large, not sure this drawing does it justice. Especially atop a woman with a frame as slight as hers. Guy on left (see the arm) observed my rendering as he exited a couple of stops before my Union Sq. destination - babbling something semi-coherent to me which I couldn't tell if it was praise, disparagement or a little bitta both. Sleeping asian man behind her oblivious to all but remerkably awoke to his deep slumber just at his stop.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Woman w/Sideshow Bob hair, Draping Brown and Yellow Wrap, Kindling on the N (Tuesday, 5-24-11)

We all got a little looser....
after we started out kinda tight, riding the N train back to the borough.

Soft and Hard Patterns on the Q Train (6-1-11)

Fun with hard green and black pattern against a nice, intense face - contrasting the softer woman in the bg with the almost-hospital-scrubs-like pale blue and pink in the background. Having fun with a china marker on a steamy evening to start off June.