Friday, December 31, 2010

Round Trip on the G out to Billyburg on a Wednesday Night (12-29/30-10)

I couldn't tell what he was saying to her, but I could tell he thought it was REALLY important. Too bad I didn't have time to capture the guy with the super ironic facial hair to my left.

Still wrapped up the train, even though the biting cold wind had faded, even outside.

Back from BBurg early in the morning, with the expected long wait for the G at Metropolitan ave.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Liked His Train Face (Monday, 9-20-10)

On the R, can wonder what he was thinking 'bout, but the well developed train face reveals no inner secrets.

Man in Black - Holding the Pole (Friday, 12-10-10)

Johnny Cash he was night, more Buddy Holly/Roy Orbison.

Big Black Jacket on the R Train (Monday, 12-6-10)

Big puffy black jacket that never seemed to end. Big jackets are good for self on the train, let's you create your own little realm of personal space. Sucks for everyone else though.

Sneery Face on the 6 in September (Tuesday, 9-21-10)

Big Orthodox Man with BBerry Dominating a B Car (Monday, 9-20-10)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Profiles and Blue Scarves on the R TRain (Thursday 12-23-10)

Crowded train 2 days before Xmas - guess I wasn't the only sucker still working.
Got her just as she got up to exit, somehwere around City Hall I think. Got a little nervous there as train crew were out looking at open car doors and rattling off names of parts. Worked out alright though as all that happened is we went express, which suited me just fine.

On the right was another quick exit just a sI started, a couple of stops later. Blue scarf hung around for the duration, catching glimpses between dozing, all the way to Herald Square.

Taking the 2 from Grand Army (Monday, 12-6-10)

Woman in pink hat being menaced by big puffy green jacket.

Tortoise shell rims complemented with a seemingly grumpy demeanor but i think just a little confused when he asked if we were at Fulton street when we were at Fulton street.

My man was on the Supreme Team yo.

Woman on the R Train (Thursday, 12-2-10)