Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Puffy Jacket, Fudge Striped Coat with a Handlebar Mustache on Top

I've seen quite a few of these jackets on my travels lately, first one i captured in color wrapped around this curly haired note taker on this Chambers Street bound 1 Train.

Sporting a jacket that reminded me of a zomics chocolate babka. Hoodies lurking in the background, both printed and for real on 3 train to Atlantic.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fear and Loathing on the 3 Train (Monday, 1-11-10)

Projecting the demons of the day on my fellow 3 train riders.

Reading the Paper Under the Watchful Eye of a Dunkin Donuts Sandwich (Friday, 1-8-10)

Expressively faced Silver haired man on the F train with the many orange shaded DD poster in the corner.

Contrasting Expressions on the 3 Train (Wednesday, 12-16-09)

I love people's "Train Face", some goofy, some hard. I doubt most people even realize what they are doing, it becomes a sort of involuntary reflex triggered by such close proximity to strangers, recycled air, and lack of sunlight I guess.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Woman With Lotsa Luggage on the A (11-16-09)

Lost Sketchbook Located (Monday, 10-26-09)

On the 3 train from Grand Army Plaza.

Woman with cane in front of the "Please Offer a Seat" poster.

On the 1.

More Heavy Ballpoint Action on the 3 and 1 (Thursday, 1-7-10)

From Grand Army to Chambers, not realy captured in the medium but young Orthodox woman in the middle had quite extraordinary hair in its volume.

More earmuffs on the 1, Chambers to Houston.

Cool Fro-Hawak, Some Grumpy Ladies and More on the F to the A Route (Wednesday, 1-6-10)

A from West 4th to Jay Street Borough Hall, as it was sitting on the platform when i walked down and saved me the descent down 2 more levels to the INDs. Digging the intricacies of the hairdo as well as the punkrockedness. Ladies on the right yammerring grumpily in Spanish, seemingly talking mad sh*t about someone.

Hopped on the F for the ride to 4th Ave, kinda butchered the woman on the left, she was actually prettyish but just had very hard features and was making a puss - she she got gas-faced?

Take Charge Good Sir (Wednesday, 12-16-09)

In front of one of those creepy Halls Ads i kinda like, done at my old agency . Guy rocking the way oversized flight jacket. Made me nostalgic for my green flight from my hardcore kid days. Don't know what inspires people to sport those multi-team baseball caps.

Some quickies done with drying out pens

and markers.

Some Scratchings With a Dying Pilot Pen on a Thursday Afternoon (12-3-09)

This big Moleskine paper was F*cking with my pens, getting into them and cloggin them up. Was a struggle to get enough ink out to render that hair.

These 2 guys shooting the sh*t as i squeeze the last few strokes out on my 3 train ride.

Covered Heads on the 3 Train Second Day back from Vaca (Tuesday, 1-5-09)

Dudes in the foreground (Rockies cap), gabbing a way, woman in the ski cap in big green jacket, looking a little tough. Large form behind her in all black, hard to make out distinctions between hat, hair and clothes (at least without my glasses). Did some guestimating. Listening to a little Bowie. Feeling alright despite it all.

Thursday Morning 3 Train Ride to Chambers Street (12-3-09)

Bad Mood After My Thanksgiving Weekend Got Totally F#$@ed (Sunday, 11-29-09)

Spent all but thanksgiving day working on the (unamed client) launch. unhappy, made this lady on the 1, going home on a SUNDAY EVENING, look unhappy too.

Big man, had some fun with the big brown field of jacket.

The Bears (Tuesday 11-24-09)

On the platform at Chambers street, big man with bears jacket.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Creepy Giant and Others on the 2 and at ATlantic Pacific

Big man who's enormity was diminished only by the fact that he was severly hunched over. His nose seemed heavy and chiseled out of stone. With a grin that may have been deviant or innocent he watched a little girl play jump and play on a pole until he exited at Nevins. NOt sure if it was ultra creepy or a little sweet and sad.

Quick gesture of woman reading on the platform of Atlantic Pacific while the man behind her shuffled arounds anxiously, obviously jonesing for the next R or M train.

That Evening on the 2 Train (Monday 11-23-09)

Dazed the throes of my November project, kept sketching but couldn't make it to a scanner.

Sup blondie.

Woman with Blue Shirt Doing the Crosswords Manhattan Bound on a Monday Morning (11-23-09)

NOt Chilling on a Wednesday in November (11-11-09)

Catching up on some on posting the fall's drawings in between the new ones. November was rough, was kinda feeling like these dudes. This guy sacked out on the wooden bench at Chambers street.

And another man crashed out on the 2.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Fuzzy Earmuffs in Front of a Pig Poster on a Tuesday Morning (1-5-09)

With paper. Had a hard time capturing the enormity of her cap.

And then the tall cup of coffee came out, always a perilous object on a crowded 3 train.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1-2, Houston to Atlantic Ave. (Monday, 1-4-10)

Black cad figure with color accessories on a barren 1 train to chambers.

Orthodox man and his MP3 player amongst the Brooklyn-bound crowd.

1st Sketch of the Tens (1-4-10)

Little guy slowly burrowing into his jacket, next to weary woman, looking a little like Lord of the Rings characters hiding out on the 3 from Grand Army Plaza, maybe just super bummed as was I at the return ride to work on a frigid morning sitting inf front of poster with giant daquiri.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Aviators and Facial Hair on the 3 Train (Friday, 11-20-09)

Riding the 3 to Chambers Street from Grand Army Plaza on a Friday mornin'. Focus was much on Beardy with the black cap that the woman in foreground becomes camouflaged, appears almost taking form of the body, reminding me of Shel Silverstein in her whimsied napping contrasting his intense, albeit a bit ironic, appearance.

2 Train to Chambers (Thursday, 11-19-09)

Blinding blond on the 2.

Getting crowded - guy in hoodie with hard ridged features emerging from beneath the questionable ceasar.