Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday (6-27-08)

2 was uncharacteristically crowded and dind't get a good perch until we reached Manhattan, so I only managed 1 rushed sketch. I realized later that this woman lived in my hood - saw her on the promenade Friday evening. Weird when that happens, I feel like I should go say whatsup as if I know them.

Couldn't have done a worse job capturing her essence. What can I say, the local trains are toughcan't get in as much of a grove as the express...

The downtown Houston 1 station is usually kinda dead, so I'm starting to doodle what interesting structures I can find.

This was pretty grey, even the color that was obviously there was reading greyscale to me.

And I don't think I've seen many garments bluer than this woman's dress, if I had a swatch of taht fabric I would have glued it over as collage.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ladies of the Morning on the 2-1 (Thursday, 6-26-08)

A great spectrum of Ladies on the train this morning.
Pregnant on the 2.

Sorry it was a quick drawing, she didn't look like a drag queen in real life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Houston to Clark (Wednesday, 6-25-08)

Dudes hanging on crowded bench in a otherwise empty Houston street 1 station.

Fun with hair.

Woman and young teenage daughter in front of mysterious man in panama jack suit on the 2.

Guy on the right humming loudly along with his iPod.

I Was Shvitzing this AM on the A from Jay St, to West 4th (Wednesday, 6-25-08)

Hope no one drew me and the gigantic sweat pit across my chess after I hoofed it over to Metrotech before work to hit the Keyspan office for some biz....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1-3 (Tuesday, 6-24-08)

Her dark shiny hair called for teh dark thick marker.

Crowded bench on the 3, guy in the foreground thumbing through magazine like it was the Hustler he'd been hiding under his mattress.

No Matter Who You Are...(Tuesday, 6-24-08)

...this getup is gonna make you look Uni-Bomber-ish.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Evening on the B W4th to Atlantic and R Back to Court (6-23-08)

Just when I thought everyone was settling in for the long stop over the bridge, she took the last exit to Manhattan at Grand Street.

Riding the bridge.

Maybe on the way to book club together.

Be careful, I may draw you.

Scribble scrabble as Griffey would say.

Was just me and her on the car. She got on and sat as far away from me as possible. Tried not to take it personally.

On the Way to the New Job (Monday, 6-23-08)

Characters on the R during detour to Union st.

Ladies on the 2 from left to right: dozing, gabbing, looking especially hip.

Quickies on the 1 local from Chambers to Houston.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Short Friday Morning Trip to the Slope on the R (6-20-08)

Griff squirming like a little germ on the bench waiting for the train at Court street.

3 other girls on the train were sporting the Pat Benatar hairdo.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Back and Forth from Grand Army Plaza (Friday, 6-13-08)

Catching some late morning zees.

Quickie on platform at GAP.

Elderly lady with younger companion.

Thin asian woman reading neatly curled paper...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best Buy, Sunburn, and MOre... (Wednesday, 6-11-08)

Very cheery guy in Best Buy ad.

Woman on left didn't appreciate my attention, she moved away after looking perturbed. She probably woulda been more if she saw this drawing as I kinda mucked her up a bit....

Someone needed to introduce these two to Mr. Sunblock.

Tuesday Evening (6-10-08)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun on the A to 5 Combo (6-10-08)

Expressive couple on the High Street platform, 10 seconds later they were fondling each other...

She probably wasn't into new wave, but it did bring me back to '85....

Woman sundress reading on teh Fulton St, platform. She had her moth gaped open in a funny way, like she was thinking about something odd and it was subconciously translating to her expression...or maybe she was trying to catch flies froggy style.

Recently permed....

Monday Evenig 5 Train (6-9-08)

Young man in green reading on the 5.
Quick pose and then she was gone....