Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the 1 Train from South Ferry to Houston (Thursday, 7-27-10)

Waiting for the 1 train to roll out of South Ferry, everyone rushing to there preferred car.

Quick sketch as the train rolled into Houston.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some quick studies of Ladies on the R Train (Wednesday, 7-26-10)

On the R (Friday, 7-21-10)

Tuesday, 7-20-10

Big gut and 'stache combo.

More from uncharacteristically crowded R train.

Quickie of woman in blue blouse before she jetted.

Grey striped tie guy after I switched to the 1 at South Ferry.

A Motley Crew Indeed Riding Back to Manhattan (Thursday, 7-15-10)

2 train from Clark street.

Big guy on the 1.

And that Afternoon (Thursday, 7-15-10)

Riding to Clark Street to meet boys for doc appointment. Someone else's kid on the 1. Caregiver flipped him around when she saw what I was doing and musta thought me a creep.

Two ladies who got sorta mushed together with their comings and goings.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earlier That Morning on the 5 (Thursday, 7-15-10)

Actually started on the R from Union
5 from Atlantic. This guy was focusing on something far on the distance, like he could see beyond..... the train ahead, where a sick passenger caused our 5 train to be rerouted to 7th avenue. Which did a nice job emptying the car. These teenagers unfazed as they hunched over there handheld gaming devices.
Decided to stay on and just hoof it
east once i got off.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Slightly Inebriated Ride home from West 4th (Thursday, 7-15-10)

Rolling home from the Pub on Carmine and 7th ave, celebrating yet another departing colleague.

DR UNK. (on the B train)

Got to Dekalb to wait on the R train. Twas hot and oppressive in the station even at 930 or 10 at night. Waited a good while which turned my buzz into a hot stale parched feeling. Ran into my neighbor on the platform. We bitched about the train service and lamented the old routing of the M train.