Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Following the Black Haired Woman from C to F (Wednesday, 4-29-09)

On the C, next to a curly haired girl with a butterfly pin.

Bench hanging at Jay Street Borough Hall platform. Lost her amongst the columns and didn't want to seem stalkerish.

Ended up on same F car but she exited quickly at Bergen so got just a quick pose. Luckily her bench mate sat reading very intently the rest of teh way to 4th Ave.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fab (Tuesday, 4-28-09)

1 train.

Halfway between Bitchin' and Fabulous.

Black floral print and alot of movement. Almost everyone in this drawing has parts of two people after the mass exodus and wave in at Atlantic.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cozy (Monday, 4-27-09)

1 Train, mzlmustaghddjnk, reading.

2 Train girl and her pda, woman contemplating serious things or maybe she just had a heavy head.

Cozying up against cool metal rails on hot day in a purple tank top. Closest thing you'll get to refreshing smushed up on the 2 train rush hour.

Don't Fear the Swine Flu! (Monday, 4-27-09)

Flipped the book to catch the rapunzelish hair, it just went on and on.

2 Train to Chambers Street. Saw my co-worker on the platform so shot the shit instead of catching one last drawing on the 1.

Get Me the F#!@ Back to Brooklyn (Friday, 4-24-09)

Back from vacation and into sh!tness, get me home MTA.
Wirey guy with satin Yankee jacket and a touch of Nick Fury grey at the temples on the 1.

Reading, red coat, Chambers street.

3 train, point blank sketching, her hair looked like it had a real world underpainting.

Just time for a few lines and a spitty wash before jumping off at Bergen Street and enjoying some early evening sunshine for the walk down 5th ave.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back From the Desert-Exec Creative Directors on My Ride (Wednesday, 4-22-09)

After a few days out where the only train I saw was my son's toy 4 train running the curve around the pool, I'm back on the 3. I forgot my little storyboard moleskine this morning, so am drawing in the big work one. Woman with shaggy blond highlights exited at Hoyt or Borough Hall, so still plenty of space on big spread for another composition.

More shaggy hair, this time attached to a guy with thin stache to goat sleeping in the corner of the train.

Green, white and brown headband - jacket with a little too much of an illustrative pattern all over.

Simon Nickson riding the 1, I saw him from Grand Army but decided to wait til close to Journey's end to catch him. Not sure if he was just involved in his PDA or was straight up ignoring me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two People Hanging by the Door on the 3 (Wednesday, 4-15-09)

I managed a comfortable spot on the inter car doors, this guy was riding the door to my left. He got off around Fulton and

was replaced by her with the heavy eyelashes and the giant earrings.

Matching Pink Jackets (Wednesday, 4-15-09)

Two little girls, maybe twins with coordinating jackets and different color blue hoods, one with her red umbrella. Someone was having fun with their outfitting. Not a fan of the identical sibling outfits although it can be very cute, like when 2 yr olds curse.

More from the 2.

On the 1, liked the pose i caught him in. He gave a warm glance of acknowledgment, but I stayed all biz as I like to do with my subjects. Sorry dude, nothing personal.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More F Train (Tuesday, 4-14-09)

I see a weird yellow bag.

2 guys on the F Train (Monday, 4-13-09)

From West 4th to Smith 9th. In teh movie version, this guy'd be played by either Edward James Olmos, or maybe a made up Benicio Del Toro - whichever could get the toothpick action just right.

White haired Orthodox man in front of very yellow poster, and in talking about movies, more reminiscent of Lawrence Olivier in the Jazz Singer or maybe the dude who played Tricky Dick in Frost Nixon..

Carhart Jacket (Monday, 4-13-09)

After a few days of for some passover/good fridayness, back on the 3 train with a stomach full of unleavened bread and a black watercolor crayon in my pocket.

This guy was rocking the somewhat worn yet comfy looking Carhart jacket while perusing his paper.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleepy (Wednesday 4-8-09)

After 330am work and trip to jersey to push some product, took a dazed mid afternoon ride to Grand Army Plaza to pick up the boy at school and get ready for some Sedering. Sleep depravation makes me think its a month earlier.

Sleeping on a Brooklyn College Flatbush Ave. Bound 2 Train. Got lazy with the jacket pattern, but there were a lotta little squares.

Same train, brighter scarf, playing to pass the time.

Kid on the 1.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunched over on the 2 train (Monday, 4-6-09)

Hunched way over with cane, not sure if it was out of physical ailment, exhaustion, despair, or maybe a combination of factors, but things looked rough. He got off at Nevins.

Tried out a little collage action in corner which did not scan well, the red may have burnt it out a bit.

Long Ride Home (Friday, 4-3-09)

Green suit on the 1.

The uptown side at Chambers street, but the Uptown express rolled in and erased my composition so...

I found another one on the benches on my platform.

After a 2 drawing wait at Chambers, it was on to the 2.

Man with very dark, inset eyes grooving to some tunes, golf shirt just poking out of his green coat. Man with unique profile cutting a tough guy glance through the packed car.

Woman who was white as you could be with just a few hints of pink tones in her cheek, eyelids and lips standing at the focal point for the pressure building up to the mass exodus off at Atlantic Ave.

Quickie of young woman on the R who's bangs flew down sharply like daggers from an impressive bun a top her head.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hungover on the 3 (Friday, 4-3-09)

After an early morning stint with my mom at the Griff's school for granparents' day, grabbed the 3 at GAP. Thought I was in the clear and there would no more consequence from last nights beers. But as I rode and drew, was starting to feel
like my subject.

THis guy rocking the lrg jacket. Used that l a while back in this logo i did for a startup urban clothing brand, don't think its the same dudes, but weird if its a coincidence....

1 train Chambers to Houston. Feeling a little better but the need for egg and cheese with Turkey Bacon on whole wheat toast.