Monday, March 31, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Monday, 3-31-08)

After 2 weeks Griff is back to school, so I'm back to the action packed A/C-4/5 combo.
As A Train rolls into High street, my fellow commuters scurry out from behind the line of beams that stretch out to the subterranean horizon.

Kid with some shiny fancy headphones, I half expected them to start spinning.

With pinstripe suit, large forehead and wild hair, he would have been perfect arch foe of Batman (sans fancy MP3 player).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Saturday Afternoon Trip to the Atlantic Center (3-29-08)I

'Had to run out to get some last minute supplies for the twins big soiree. No trains at Clark so had to walk back to Borough Hall for the 4.
Very quick sketch of the bk bound platform at BH.

Woman with a lot of hair engrossed in her book. Kid bouncing about as his mom (not pictured) holds storytime on the 4 train.

Squatting while waiting for the train at Pacific street. Must have been worn out from teh anarchy at Target (I know I was).

Family on the Pacific St. platform, I think it was dad with crazy patterened hoody jacket, young mom and I guess grandma holding the little girl.

JandR Run, Friday (3-28-08)

At work til about 6am this morning, so decided to sleep in and not go back today. Got up around 11 and made a quick run over to J&R for some ink.
Young guy with some heavy sideburn action on the 3 ride Clark to Fulton.

College age girl reading on the BK Bridge - Borough Hall leg back. She had that same stone faced demeanour that people usually hold up on the train. Although she was amused by whatever she was reading and every once in a while I was amazed by the appearance of a smile and even a quick chuckle, kinda like taking a fleeting peak into a more personal reality.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thurrrrssday Mornin' (3-27-08)

After day in BK, back to midtown.
Lady on right was doing her best to hide under her hat, not sure if she was avoiding me or just the world. Almost made her miss her stop though.

Well groomed gentleman in perfect pose, just enough time to capture this before he jumped off at Union Sq.

She looked bummed, hope it wasn't about me.......

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday PMing (3-25-08)

GZirl with hat and big scarf, guy with big ice coffee (a big no!no!) waiting for downtown express train at GC40Deuce.

Woman reading between Wall Street and Borough Hall (when I was finally able to land a decent drawing spot.) Dude in front swaying a little too much - stand still man, I'm drawing here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Morning on 5 Train (3-25-08)

Light crowd this AM for ome reason, must've been many trains ahead as there were some congestion delays.

Lady reading a gossip rag.

Never could understand people who'd let themselves doze off on the train. Even in this day and age, never a good idea...

In the midst of this sketch when all the sudden the car got totally filled at Union Sq. Was caught like a deer in headlights and by the time i realized i should have just started something new instead of trying to peer around the fairly solid mass of riders to catch a few last details, train rolled into GC40deuce. Bummer.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bring a Griff to Work Day (Monday, 3-24-08)

With Griff in tow, still managed to get a couple of drawings done.

Still holding on to...
...the lollipop he got from the docs.

Saturday Night to Union SQ. (3-22-08)

Family out late from shopping at Borough Hall.

Had to redraw her hat a few times, as I kept coming out as a witch's.

The kid again, giving me a look just before I hopped off at Union Sq...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, Home (3-21-08)

She was interesting as she was an older lady who was kind of dressed like a construction worker. Was feeling a little dreary as it was Friday, I was exhausted and I knew I was gonna have to go home and work all night (in fact til 6am Saturday morning), and that dreariness seemed to make it's way into this drawing. She was actually jollier looking.

Interesting tie, reminded me of something an 80s pop act would wear, like 1 of the members of "The News" (not Huey).

Caught the guy on the left with his mouth open.

Started drawing her as we began to pull into Borough Hall, so managed just a quickie. She had cool hair so tried to capture its basic idea in gesture.

Good Friday Morning in Wonderland (3-21-08)

Don't know if its being on day and night in my house that is influencing me, but I've started seeing Wonderland characters on the 4 train...

The Walrus?
Mad Hatters?

Thursday Night (3-20-08)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st Spring Morning on the 4 (Thursday, 3-20-08)

Took it slow this AM, so landed a nice lightly populate car from Borough Hall.
In front of yet another Jameson's poster. I find these ending up in my compositions more and more.

Found myself procrastinating on this one, tried to be precise around the eyes/brow cause they were defining features, and taht always gets me in trouble.

These two musta just come from sunglasses hut.

Wednesday Way Home on the 4 (3-19-08)

Train rollin' in at GC40Deuce

The guy in the back was causing me problems, kept sitting up and then dropping head down between his legs...
here he is again, sit still man!

100th Post!!! Interesting Characters on a Wednesday Am (3-19-08)

Was cursing my luck when this drawing ended abruptly as he exited quickly at Bowling Green.

He rode all the way to GC40Deuce, although I ended up at a bit of an awkward angle for most of the drawing...

Tuesday Ride Home (3-18-08)

Everyone waiting patiently at GC 40Deuce.
This woman had an amazing drained look to her, hopefully the train was taking her somwhere tahts he could rest.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Midday Ride on the Six (Tuesday, 3-18-08)

Ran downtown for lunchtime appt, caught a few sketches on the 6.
Man with remarkably shiny hair, zoning out, and
lady reading the Chinese paper.

Tuesday Morning from BOHall to GC40Deuce (3-18-08)

Super villain eyes....

Lady on left had bright red coat and her hair had so many cool nuances, curls, flowy shapes, could have drawn it all the way to Woodlawn. Too bad in this day and age its creepy for strange men to ask young women on the subway to come model for them. Toulouse-Lautrec woulda had no prob.

This all started with woman's pom pom (a couple of attempts) and just spread from there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday Night on the 5 (3-17-08)

Dude reading and listening to tunes whileawaiting for the 6 at GC40Deuce.

She was an awesome drawing subject, but somehow I wasn't quite capturing what I wanted -

so another quick desperate effort as we rolled into Borough Hall. Alas, maybe we shall ceoss paths again someday.