Friday, August 29, 2008

3 Train (Wednesday, 8-21-08)

Getting Shot Part Two (Thursday, 8-20-08)

For the second time I was getting filmed on the train, starting at 9th street where I was dropping Griff off at camp this summer. Guy on right was spotted again late that night on 9th street and 5th ave.

The crowd on the R a little denser than usual.

Quick moment waiting for the 2/3 at Atlantic Ave, two women sitting on the benches.

Guys on the 2 train.

Tall woman with a patrician appearance, recently done hair and very green blouse.

Drawing while being filmed, a little bit of pressure and awkwardly close to my subject, she would probably not be flattered.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun on the 1-2 (Wednesday, 8-20-08)

Blue shirt, camo pants, and a woman with tan lines on the 1.

Fun with hair on the Chambers st. platform.

Woman on the 2 perfectly framed by the dense mass of straphangers.

People on the D (Wednesday, 8-20-08)

Man in the foreground was having quite an animated discussion with a buddy across the aisle, while, in contrast, everyone else was being quite introverted, more appropriate for my sharp blue pen...

Employee or Fan of (Tuesday, 8-19-08)

a tough job, my man looked worn out.

Mother Daughter Time and Signal Problems on the D (8-18-08)

Middle aged mom and teenage daughter. They had that over acheiving-really involved in the college application process-all female version of the Ioni Sky John Mahoney roles from Say Anything- air about them. Of course his thought is composed of broad generalsations and obnoxious assumptions on my part. I'm sure the mom was thinking back, "Who is this perve staring at me and my daughter?"

Broad signal problems made this a long, tedious ride...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its Raining So I'll Stay Underground As Long as Possible (Friday, 8-15-08)

Two parts of a strange trio on the platform at Christopher st.

Big moustache on the 1.

Fleeting moment on the Chambers st. platform, and girl bopping on the 3.

Dirty, dirty dude on the R last leg to Union st.

Riding Over the Bridge (Friday, 8-15-08)

Caught her in a rather hoity toity pose.

On the platform with the PDA and the paper on the D.

Looking out the window is fun.

Thursday Morning (8-14-08)

Quickie on R.

Pacific Platform.

A little flock of seagulls going on in his frosted tip hair.

Rock and Roll chick with her guitar, giving me a Rock and Roll stare the whole time.

Poor Sick O! (Wednesday, 8-13-08)

Sick O taking the R to the doc back in the heights.

Followedby a Cameraman (Wednesday, 8-13-08)

Being followed by a doc filmmaker, no one really paying us much mind though.

Platform at Pacific when I briefly lost the camera man.

Woman on left looked pained the whole ride, woman in middle started to evolve into an old cartoon hen.

Old lady with hibiscus shirt, kids were really bopping around in background and i became distracted trying to nail them down in line.

There was something really nice about the way she was leaning on rail, but as she was fidgety I was having a tough time capturing quite the position I liked. The camera caught this one in progression with the woman, so that was cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guy with a Nicely Rounded Head and Women on the F (Tuesday, 8-12-08)

A Tender Moment, Interesting Headwear, and More on a Monday Evening (8-11-08)

Interesting foldy hat.

Very tender moment indeed. These two had that we've-just-started-hooking-up-recently-and -we-can-be-siclky-affectionate-in crowded public places-and -we-don't-care air about them. Gotta admit I was a little jealous.

Quick ride on the R from Dekalb to Union.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids on the D (Monday, 8-11-08)

Helping little sister with her homework on the D.

Chubby little boy with his hottish mom. Not sure why, but she insisted on dressing him up like a modern day equivalent of the fat german kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Going to Work on Sunday - Bummer (8-10-08)

Lonely figure on Union St. Platform

Quiet rides on the R and N.


8, 8 8!

Another fines moustache on the F train!

I was making her uneasy so i drew a completely unrelated dude in front.

This guya nd his buddies were like - blah, blah, blah!

In front of the dark Brooklyn cityscape coming out of the tunnel at Smith 9th Street.