Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Women with Hats, 3 to the 1 (Tuesday, 2-24-09)

She was generally intent on her reading but every once in a while her eyes widened and snapped at me violently, as if they were firing some sort of warning shot - the fur brim which they were slightly tucked under did reduce the blow just a little. They scared me a little.

Very Nora Efron.

White jacket girl was rocking the "i'm all that" vibe, hot shades, green hat and all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bored (Monday, 2-23-08)

Houston street station yet again. I need to stop being so lazy and start dragging my ass back to west 4th. For a while I enjoyed the peace but now its getting boring. Maybe when it gets warmer.

The 1 train kinda sucks too, this guy agrees.

Started off with the woman on the left who's face drew me in. Then got into the guy in the left who's just slightly off white skin and pale yellow hair had interesting patches of red and orange.

The bright hat in the foreground was a bit of a shock to the rest of the colors on the train. Although the tweedy hat on the right had some fun stuff going on if you looked really close.

The 2 Train Fills Up (Monday, 2-23-09)

Girl on the 2 who caught on just as the car filled up at Nevins and I lost sight of her.

And turned to this guy with the Afro-Hawk and the snazzy collar. Carhart ski cap in the foreground. Brought me back o when everyone was rocking carhart in the early 90s, good times.

Crinkling the paper on the 1.

Saturday Afternoon Ink Run on the A (2-21-09)

Dropped the Griff off at playdate in DUMBO and caught the A to get some ink at J and R. This group of tourists had obviously accomplished the near-impossible-for-out-of-town-visitors feat of finding the High street station from the Brooklyn bridge.

On the way back someone smelled like the shaving cream from a barber shop. Don't think it was this guy though.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday Morning on the N (2-18-09)

Opted for the N train from Atlantic to Canal this morning. Have about a 15 minute walk from the train but the long, uninterrupted stretch seemed appealing especially since it was a sunny, relatively warm morning and I didn't much feel like hiking through the station for the 2/3. This guy reading teh Chinese paper was good for caricature, tried to catch the bad acne patches without making him look to much like an Archie character.

Some Subtle Details, 3 to Atlantic (Tuesday, 2-17-09)

He kinda had the Al from Home Improvement thing going but had extraordinarily dainty fingers playing with his PDA, especially for an otherwise burly looking fellow.

The guy with the big brown yamulkah became increasingly crouched over as the drawing progressed. Couldn't tell if he was getting really into his book or nodding off. The guy on the right had the normal zone out on the train pose but his clenched fist was a subtle indication that maybe something more was going on with him.

Last moments on my 3 ride.

Waiting at Atlantic Pacific for the R/M, got drawn in by this guys's hat which seemed very muted color wise until closer examination when it began to rival josef's famous dreamcoat. Little fun details are everywhere, but easy to miss unless you pick your head up and pay attention.

Some Very Dry Markers (Tuesday, 2-17-09)

Trying to catch the spreading of the paper in a quick sketch between Union and Atlantic-Pacific. I could never handle paper reading on the train, especially the NYTimes. I found that I need like 8 feet of space around me in order to flip pages without smacking someone or turning my paper into a giant spitball.

Luckily caught this guy in a contemplative pose, which he quickly dropped out of to the general stare off into space default subway pose.

Was watching her for a bit but by the time I got to drawing her she bounced. Luckily i had my grape scented marker waiting for me when I got to my desk.

Very Red-faced in the morning.

The way her hat is cropped and with the big dark glassses, she ended up looking like an antiquefuturistic aviator. Her hat actually got more foofy out of frame to the left.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, 2-13-09

Drawing in thick marker from the last leg on the M from the night before. Filled in the rest of the page with morning folks. Guy in the back was joking loudly with friends. A little too much for the early morning.

Row of women lining one of the benches on the 2.

Homeward Bound (Thursday, 2-12-09)

My favorite bench at Chambers.

2 Train. Tried to capture the reddish, brownish, purplish tint of her hair as best as I could - depending on your display's setting you may or not catch it.

There were many interesting contrasts in proportion between the people in this scene.

More George and Dunish Doos (Thursday, 2-12-09)

A few moments on the platform at Grand Army Plaza (little one on the right), and then struggling with George sketch on the 2.

A little better once he was sitting.

Between the prominent forehead and the bun like halved masses of hair, woman on left's hair made me think of the priestesses from Dune, without all the scariness.

D.A.R.E. Shirts and Brown Hats (Wednesday, 2-11-09)

Not sure if this teenager's D.A.R.E. shirt is meant to be ironic or not. Wonder if lollipop stick in mouth was an indicator.

The precariously worn hat started to look very sculptural.

Fleeting folks on the 2.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, 2-11-09

She had some strange hook like things tied into her hair in a line starting at her temple around her head. Coulnd't discern if it was hair twisted up into that shape or little plastic pieces. Her large thick earrings acted as a good distraction from them nonetheless.

Scribbly mess is curly haired woman in the foreground. Another case of that pesky moleskine spine getting in my way.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pepsi and Turbans (Tuesday, 2-10-09)

New Pepsi pOsters are everywhere,
competing with other primary colors
for dominance Over the mOstly black, grey, brOwn and muted cOlOrs of the F.

One stop on the Pepsiless Queens-bound E between Canal and Prince alone with Sikh man sporting an orange Turban.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Riding Home on the Beeeeeeee (Friday, 2-6-08)

Stepped into Houston street station to see the 1 just pulling out of the station. Taking that as an omen, I popped right back up the stairs and hoofed it over to West 4th.
Got on the B, and even though the shape on the right is actually figure in the foreground and the woman i behind him, the smushed up appearance is pretty spot on in regards to the vibe on that B train. Reminded me why I like the lower key 1-2/3 combo.

Chinese woman who was standing, reading and managing her son at the same time.

M from Dekalb to Union Street.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brown Yankee Hat and Others on Thursday Morning (2-5-09)

Hat fitting in a really awkward way, and I was just never feeling the different color Yankee hats - in my mind just stick to the classic.

Blackberry play at Chambers.

Damn pole...

Monday, February 9, 2009

What the F#@K You Lookin At? (Way home Wednesday, 2

During the minutes I was drawing this I was the brunt of a little bitta subway stare.

Teenage girl with the glasses poking out from underneath her well combed hair.

Big browed bruiser of a man on the R, the type they'd cast as hoods in early 80s cop shows, like Hunter or Matt Houston.