Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conversation and Crossdressing on the 1-2 (Tuesday, 7-29-08)

Women on the bench at Houston and quite a compelling discussion (a little on sided though) on the downtown 1.

Tranny or a chick taking too many testosterone supplements next to fidgety dude on the 2.


2izdey R-B (7-29-08)

A very fleeting moment on the Union Street platform.

Two FAB girls on the right gabbing but jumped off pretty quick at Pacific. Luckily guy on left was like a statue, he was my rock.

Spent my wait at Dekalb staring at this guy's head, but he didn't seem to mind.

Everyone was a bit washed out and dozey on the B this morning.

D Ride Home (Monday, 7-28-08)

iPod fiddling over the Manhattan bridge.

I had my headphones on, but i could still here this gaunt, junkie looking lady barking at her friend in Chinese.

Waiting for the R at Pacific-Atlantic. The very european styled woman in the background decided to move down a column after she noticed my creepy gaze, but luckily woman in foreground moved in to cover the blank space.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday Morning (7-28-08)

Platform at Union Street.

Lady on the R looking not particularly excited by life.

Super skinny kid on the B crossing the Manhattan bridge.

She was wonderfully compact and curvy to draw.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The D Tempts and Dissapoints Yet Again (Monday, 7-21-08)

Waiting for the R/M at Union st. Monday Morning, this guy had the jacket around the arm as it was already junglesque in air quality down in the station.

D showed up right away at Pacific, but then just sat and sat and...til there was some mumbled announcement of this problem or that, so yet again I hoffed it to the 2.

Mean Girl on the 1 PDAing...

Not sure what her original skin tone was but there was just too much exposure to the sun going on, the heavy highlighting of the hair just made for a more shocking contrast....

Redhead on the B (Friday, 7-18-08)

From hair through her clothes she was almost a single tone throughout....

Way home via Dekalb (Thursday, 7-24-08)

Trying to catch some of the hanging structure at dekalb av as the R rolls in.

Woman with a painful smile...

7-17-08, Invading My Personal Space on a Thursday Morning

Liked the hip cap.

This guy on my left really was getting to close while his girl gabbed away, and he saw i was drawing too, elbow room buddy.

It was a bit of a man purse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 Ladies and a Picker on the F, Wednesday Evening (7-16-08)

From West 4th woman on the F...

...and very Auburney woman to her left rocking some serious cleavage.

In fairness i think it was just a scratch.

D mutherfuckin D! (Wednesday 7-16-08)

So after moving trying to streamline my route to work-

-4th av and 9th street station for a sec before I jump on the R -

- i'm beginning to get bad vibes from the D train, after waiting 10 minutes on teh platform at Pacific/Atlantic and then getting an announcement that there were further probs right after an R pulls out, had to hoof it... the 2. Guy on the right was doing some heavy panting and rushed to squeeze in to the first empty seat that opened at Nevins. The seat was really not meant for a man of his size and the girl sitting beside had a look of impending doom as he came in.