Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday 7-17-09

Another camper sandwiched in on the 3.

1 train.

Home on the B (Thursday, 7-16-09)

Getting ill with blue ballpoint over the Manhattan bridge.

Passing time with earth tones at Dekalb av.

Slow Thursday Morning From Union to Houston (7-16-09)

Slowness in the system at Union street, but it being late it was a nice peaceful place to hang for a little bit.

Atlantic waiting for the 2/3.

Just doing it.

Tourist lady in bright green polo traveling with teenage son and a bit of big city wonderment. Oddly her faced seemed younger than the rest of her. Small, thin woman with a hard chiseled features and a touch of sallowness pays no mind.

Very curly and pregnant on the 1.

On the 1, 2 and R (Thursday, 7-14-09)

1 Train.

Serious earrings vs. ill shmatta on the 2.

Sacked out and a little on the dusty side on the R.

Hats and Jackets on the 3 (Tuesday, 7-14-09)

Monday, 7-13-09

Friday Afternoon on the 2 Train, 7-10-09

Krazy Klingon Earrings.

Shiftily hanging by the door on the 2.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Loopy with a Marker on the 3 Train (Thursday, 7-9-09)

With a touch of pink hilighter.

My Finger Hurts (Thursday, 7-9-09)

Taking advantage of the new extended G service, hopped a G at 4th ave with my mysteriously infected middle finger making sketching just a bit painful.

Switched at Hoyt Schermerhorn to grab A. Spent the time on the platform trying to sketch this constantly rotating yet wonderfully curvy woman rocking the Ed Hardy.

Seemed a nice enough guy despite his Coopish resemblance to Satan.

On the 2 Train (Wednesday, 7-8-09)

Lady on far right (looked like a nurse from her outfit) reading seemingly contently while her neighbor was sporting a more disagreeable train puss.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Camper and Dude with Orange Shirt (Wednesday, 7-8-09)

A few moments observing bench on the platform at Grand Army Plaza.

2 train, bro.

Another camper rocking a star wars shirt hanging with his dad on the 2.

Lotsa blond chicks on the 1. A number of them staring intently at what I believe was an ad on my side of the car, out of my range of vision. Had to exit abruptly at Houston so I didn't get a chance to check it out.

Balloons and Hidden Fros (Tuesday, 7-7-09)

1 train.

3 train.

Was imagining the kind of fro was being suppressed under that cap. A Juan Epstein or a Krusty the Clown?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lonely Platform and Camper Crossing the Manhattan Bridge (Tuesday, 7-7-09)

As I exited the R at Atlantic-Pacific, a N train pulled in. The platform emptied into the N, leaving just me and another lone commuter at the end of the platform alone on the platform. D showed up shortly though, so I wasn't lonely too long.

Sleepy, red shirted camper heading to Manhattan on the D.

Fenster and Others (Monday, 7-6-09)

Reminded me of a junior high school classmate. He always had a large set of keys which clattered loudly during the frequent 7th and 8th grade handball games.

On the 3 train.
Quick characters on the platform Atlantic-Pacific and the R.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Monday Morning, 2-1 train (7-6-09)

Loved the hair.

On the 1.

Greenpoint Bound on Independence Day (Saturday, 7-4-09)

Walked to Carrol to get G, tommorrow it'll start running at 4th ave (and all teh way to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy for the rest of you) - woohoo. It was sitting in middle of platform as I walked in (being a short train). I booked to catch it, but was too late. Last thing I wanted was to just miss a G on a holiday weekend. Prepared myself for a long wait but wasn't too bad. G getsbad rep, but it ain't that bad.

Mother daughter cautionary tale on the G.

Muslim woman with son being partially eclipsed by woman with mad baggage.