Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wed Rush Home on the Kiddie Car

Car was surprisingly empty on the way home, which some kids had taken advantage of to sprawl out all their paper and pencils and whatnot. Good they were doing their homework though...
Kids are super expressive, but unfortunately won't sit still for a second.

Hasidic man with a nice scarf, obliged me by standing relatively still for a couple of stops.

No Perch for Me (Wednesday, 1-30-08)

Hit the train at the peak of the peak this AM, and wasn't able to get in any sorta good drawing position.
A few seconds to sketch on the platform at Fulton st. I realized that the guy in the back was an old neighbor of mine.

Awkward position /!-0...

Many Trains Back to Brooklyn (Tuesday, 1-29-08)

Went to check out an Open Studio in Dumbo last night, so took the 4-6-F combo GC40Deuce to York St. Not much time to settle in anywhere, so here are some quickies...
Would have liked to get more time with lady on left, she had some Busta hair and lots of other fun things going on.

Nice jacket dude.
IThe guy on the right looked out of place on the F Train, even in these gentrified days. He got off at 2nd Avenue, was suprised he was going that far east, but I shouldn't judge. Made lady on left a lil scarier than I needed to, but she had somewhat gaunt features which brought that out in me. I used to try to do knockout outlines and fill for the line/station lettering on black, but my time was short. Sorry you didn't get the attention you deserved Culver.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday! (1-29-08)

Another standing sleeper on the 4 Train....

Something about her reminded me of Sideshow Bob...

This lady on the A had that crazy curly hair, little black curls. It gave me the creeps for some reason....

Riding Home Down 7th Ave (Monday, 1-28-08)

Shuttle-2 Train combo home as I had to deal with street cleaning rules...
It was late, so I had a bit more than the usual 20 seconds on the Shuttle to Times Sq. The pole was really leading to some distortion on this lady.

This was actually a composite of 2 girls, one got off after a few seconds, but was luckily replaced by another quickly.

Started drawing woman on the left, but she bolted next stop. Continued with girl on right and then she jumped ship the following one, although I think she was trying to pose for me while she was still there. She tried to catch a peak over my shoulder as she exited.

This lady was really into her book and seriously macking on her Jamba Juice

Monday, January 28, 2008

Running Home to Take Sickies to the Doc (1-28-08)

All sorts of bad symptoms in my house this weekend, so ran back to bk during lunch to take twins in.
On the platform at GC40deuce and then on the nice empty midday 4. This lady looked very hen -like to me, small face, biggish hair and double chin, with huge coat.

Sleeping woman who darted at the next station (guess she was faking). Switched to this guy for the last run between BG and BH. I think he was grading papers.

So both kids had ear infections, marvelous. Back to the Borough Hall platform where I caught this quick sketch.

She had some serious granny glasses.

A lot of musical chairs was going on this side of the car...

Monday Morning (1-28-08)

Woman with giant earrings on the A from High to B'Way Nassau, quick sketch of lady on platform at High St.

Acting like it was 30 dgrees inside the car.
This dude had mastered the dozing off while standing on the 5 train.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Apocalyptic Friday (1-25-08)

Sick kids, sick baysitter...guess Griff's coming to work with his pops. He doesn't really understand about letting me draw on the train, so these are under duress...
This sleeping dude had weird pattern black on black on his coat, didn't clash at all with his camo cap. Lady next to him was finding much amusement somehow in Griff and I.
On way home (made it to lunchtime) we grabbed 6 to Bleecker/B'WAY Lafayette to switch for the F, caught a couple of still moments with the boy.

And on the F Griff added his contribution. 2 bridges from one of those MTA art posters...

Thursday Way Home, Everyone's Got Something to Read but Me (1-24-05)

I guess that's why I'm so ignorant when it comes to literature, while everyone else is reading on the train, I'm drawing them. I had a short stint of train reading last year, but after Farewell to Arms, I gave it up...
I wonder what Rasta-dude and old white lady were reading, maybe they were going to book club together.
I guess I should have looked, would have been an interesting detail.
But unfortunately I covered this dude's with the train/date.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday in the AM (1-24-08)

Combo of High Street platform and A to Broadway Nassau.

Ran into a friend on Fulton platform so didn't get any drawing in until after he got off at Union Sq. Caught q uick drawing of this guy looking curmudgeony.

Stopped at J and R (Wednesday, 1-23-08)

Some ladies waiting on the platform at GC40Deuce.

Hanging by the door.
This dude was awesome, straight up and down. Only got a quick sketch CAUS I had to jump off at BK Bridge/City Hall to get a new power adapter for my Powerbook over at J&R. Too bad his head was turned most of the time cause he had a bedazzled "NY" on the front of his hat - dope.

Was feeling hectic on the 2 train from Fulton st. back to BK.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday AM (1-23-08)

Was late dropping the boy off at school (as usual)... was a mellow ride into GC40deuce. Although in my general discombobulation I was dating things a day behind...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday Afternoon Trip to LaGuardia (1-21-08)

Had to take a quick trip out of town, so took a long ride to LaGuardia on the 4 Train/M60 Bus combo.
Waiting at Borough Hall. He was uneasy with my attention, she was just really into her cookies.

Cookie girl again in the backround.

The guy on the right had an interesting profile, like that of an ancient Egyptian prince. The dude on the left had a thick brow and intense face like a 70s X-Men character.

By the time we got to 125th, the train had gotten pretty crammed, for a holiday. People were being shifted all over, but that baby on the bottom right was just macking with his bottle the whole way, unfazed.

So I generally stick to the train, but since this was a contiguous journey.... are a couple of sketches from the M60 bus form Lexington Av-LaGuardia, and...
...the dude next to me on the plane - a little Embraer jet that was like a flying MRI machine. Really liked his ponch.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Off for MLK Day, so a Sketch from Last March

Back when Griff was still in school in Cobble Hill, I took advantage of awful F service and caught some nice sketches on the Bergen St. F/G platform.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Riding this Saturday...(1-19-08) here's a drawing I like from right before Thanksgiving. So '07.

Rush Hour Friday (1-18-08)

This lady was having a pretty animated conversation with a friend to her left. I kinda caught her at a calm moment, but all that head movement resulted in a slightly cubist rendering, with lips sliding off side of her face. Those were some big earrings....

Ladies waiting on GC platform.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Why is Everyone Pushing this AM? (Friday, 1-18-08)

Probably toughest drawing to do in a while, leaning on the top rail with this dude's giant bag in my back. Must have been some probs going on, things were especially jammed up even on second and third trains. And people really had their sharp extremities pointed out this AM.
Been noticing a extraordinary amount of fur collars/hoods lately, 3 outta 4 of these ladies were rocking them.

One on the Fulton St. platform...

This dude had big head, little neck and big coat. Was tempted to walk over and see if I tapped him in back of head, if I could get a nice bobble effect.