Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going Home (4-29-08)

Too many colors and too many stripes in this dude's ensemble, and not good ones.

The NYPD are on the Case this Mornin' (Tuesday, 4-29-08)

The police were "inspecting" every train at Fulton St. (stopping each train in the station and peering into the packed cars). Not really enough time to find a terrorist threat or whatever they were looking for, but just enough to congest the line and cause an extra miserable commute for everyone. Score: Osama 1, NY Straphangers 0.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get the F@#! OUTTA MY WAY! trying to draw (Monday, 4-28-08)

Rode home on the 1-3 combo from 50th St. and 7th Ave. For some reason whenever I started something, invariably someone would hop right in the way. Who says New Yorkers aren't rude anymore...

Waiting at 50th st for the 1.

Switched Up at 40Deuce Times Square for the 3. Started drawing the lady in the burbery hat, and der, this guy lanks in right in front of me, totally oblivious to the fact that art is happening.

Finally got a small window of clear shot. The big guy on the right hulked over teh 2 women in a size contrast that reminded me of old marvel comics covers - like the Thing and MRS. FANTASTIC.

This guy was geting real serious with his book while young woman next to him was banging around with her PSP...

O SHEEEEAT, I Forgot My Laptop (Monday, 4-28-08)

Got to work Monday morning and realized that I had forgotten my computer at home. So I had to slog back to Brooklyn in the soupy morning to retrieve it...

A few seconds at GC40Deuce.

And then 4 Train
to Borough Hall.

Sloshed home, changed my soaked pants, grabbed my laptop and back on the 4.

With the guy from the UHO, didn't feel like helping fund the organization today.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday (4-24-08)

Express platform at GC40Deuce, again. Ho-hum, I need some new stations....

1st sketch on 4 train. Got into that ponytail just a little bit.

Crowd shifts and my man is perched just to my right. But quickly crowd shifts again and he's out of sight.

Big man groovin' in stripes and black leathery cap.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back From Brooklyn Wednesday Afternoon (4-23-08)

Back from Atlantic Ave... GC40Deuce.

Dude was speaking exuberantly about some sort of financial product - every once in a while his eyes just bugged out....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Midday Errand to Brooklyn No-Man's Land (Wednesday, 4-23-08)

Had to run a little errand to Brooklyn to the remarkably-difficult-to-reach-by-rapid-transit-area that lies on the edge of the Navy Yard somewhere in between Clinton Hill, Williamsburg and Oblivion....

A few moments on the 7 platform at GC4oDeuce. High ceiling in there and started drawing hanging structures, but 7 train rolled in quickly.

2 of a group of 4 girls on the 7 train, the other 2 to the left were more giggly, these 2 were the wet blankets I guess.

Middle aged man with cane on the G Train from Queens to Classon Ave. Been many years since I've ridden this stretch and its interesting mix of folks (especially in the middle of the day).

Midday super hero on right, giant grey manchu beard, crazy specs, competetive running uniform, visor and big bun of hair tied tightly atop his head. Unfortunately he jetted just as I noticed him. Started drawing the young lady on the right but then we were at Classon.

Big Hair Wednesday on the 5 Train (4-23-08)

Explosion of curls from underneath her headband...
Spiked and slickedup and back...

O Dip! No Pen...(Tuesday, 4-22-08)

Forgot pens at the office so i was relegated to a small nubby pencil I found in my bag...
...and it was the end of book, so I needed to add the angry cow....

Tuesday Morning (4-22-08)

Quickie of guy with nice head of salt and pepper hair on the A from High to B'Way Nassau.

Guy in suit with just a touch of hipster in the hair... GC40Deuce on the 5.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday NIght (4-21-08)

A thick platform as the 4 rolls in to GC40Deuce.
Man in suit with extraordinairy curls...


Not sure when it became socially acceptble to lean your paper against soemone else when reading on the train, but saw it twice today and no one seemed phased.

Woman with crazy glasses and 5th element hairdo. After a little bit of siting in Union Sq. PA announced delays on the 4/5, bounced to the 6 across the platform.

Guy with scarf and Jon Cryer hat on the 6 to GC40Deuce.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sick Passenger on a Friday Afternoon (4-18-08)

The platform at GC40Deuce.

Was perched on back car to car door of the 4, but everyone had their back to me so all just started becomg geometry.

So because of a sick passenger at Fulton, had to switch to the Brooklyn Bound M at BK Bridge/City Hall. After walking enough to seemingly having brought myself to back to Brooklyn already, I arrived at the DT and Brooklyn bound M station. The M had the common decency to show up quickly.

Chinese woman had two of the most impossibly cute and ridiculously squirmy kids to manage on the M train.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer's Here - Took the Scenic Route to Work this Fine Friday (4-18-08)

2 to Chambers, had to hit Pearl Paint for some plastina. Floral patterns are back!

Teenage girl checking her 6 train make up application.

Yah, summer is here.