Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brown and Black Pens (Friday, 1-30-09)

Fun to draw, a lot of contours which I'm into.

Pole hangers.

Guy on the right was sitting very upright, out of character compared to most of the subway slumpers. I guess it was good posture, but he kinda looked like he had a pole up his ass.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Color and Fur Collars (Tuesday, 1-27-09)

Big man on the 1, don't think he liked me sketching him t'all, but didn't say much.

Some colorful jackets a nice break from the pervasive scale of greys to black on the 2.

Big fur collar. He had an unusual three pronged scar on back of head like a tiny version of one of the starfighters from the original Battlestar Galactica had flown into it. Ya know the ones that were banned from school cause they shot little pellets that got up kids' noses.

On the R, much brown and yellow hair that it overwhelmed her small frame.

Tuesday, 1-27-09

Older gentleman and his reflection.

Hanging on the 2 pole.

Sorry, kinda boring.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Getting Hectic (Monday, 1-26-09)

Houston Street, waiting on the 1.

Waiting for while at Chambers street, platform a filling. First 2 is, full, but another right behind.

Mellow at first.

But then starts to fill up violently, all sitting figures are obscured. Guy with tie kept giving me off putting glances, messed with my drawing.

Was able to focus on her amidst the figures jockeying for position. Her hair was so perfectly rounded and smooth, nothing out of place, pretty good for the EOD commute on a packed train. It resembled slighly a helmet from a 70s sci-fi movie, can put my finger on the1, maybe Buck Rogers? I guess that was early 80's.

Squeezed off the horse at Atlantic and hopped on the more sparsely populated M for a stop to Union street. Had fun exploring the spheres and curves of this guys face.

Stalking George (Monday, 1-26-09)

So as I descend into Grand Army Plaza to catch the 2 or 3 I see my coworker George coming in from the other side. Not sure if he sees me or not, but he jets down the stairs and begins to walk briskly down the platform. Taking this as a slight I decide that I need to exact revenge by drawing him, as I have done before. He is quite a bit of ahead of me still as the 2 rolls in.

The woman in the purple coat was definitely rocking the i spent a lot of time this morning to look just slightly dishevelved, but in a very engineered way. Kinda worked for her though.

He is at the end of the same car but,

obscured by the crowd. But as we switch over to the 1 at Chambers,
I catch him and his paper.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Night out to the Movies (1-24-09)

Headed out to check out Waltz with Bashir on east Houston street. Caught F at 4th ave and they were doing the reroute, so I had to hop the G to

Hoyt-Schermerhorn were the confusion of which train was going where made for a fun quick sketch. Dude on the left was rocking a well groomed mullet.

Finally the F came.

And this dude was bad ass.

Finally got to theatre 2 minutes late. Only open seats were in the front. My neck still hurts. Thanks MTA!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, 1-23-09

Woman in near complete silhouette and man on the bench at Houston Street.

1 train.

Detroit in Red.

Kid bouncing around on the M. Mom needs to buy you some longer pants. Its cold out there.

Bad Directions (Friday, 1-23-08)

So if you are a tourist and you obviously don't know where you are going, why do you seem to be drawn to the person on the car who obviously is completely unqualified to help you get to your destination? I had my headphones on, but watched with much amusement the comedy that was the tourist trying to get directions from the other guy. And he did have a map, so I'm not sure what the problem was. I mean, it's color coded, seemed like he was trying to devise a plan to break into diddy's house. While this was going on a woman across the car who seemed to know what was up was trying to help but the tourist was not paying her much heed. Finally, after what seemed to be way too much time spent on the problem, he decided to go over to her after reaching a dead end with the first guy. Not sure if he ever got where he was going, I have a feeling it took a while.

Down the car to the left she was napping.

Platform at Chambers.

Same guy as last frame. He wasn't quite purple, but a "healthy" shade of pink.

He got off and she took his seat, gracing me with her presence from Canal to Houston.

Way Home (Wednesday, 1-22-09)

Platform at West 4th.

Lotsa heads down on the D.

Quickly populating platform at Atlantic/Pacific.

With hair pulled back tight, powder pale skin, dark fur and white iPod she was striking and a little scary.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Back Late (Thursday, 1-20-09)

Nice purse dude.

One of many subway workers meandering at Chambers street. They seem to have been working in that station forever, that temporary blue construction area can be seen throughout this blog since last summer.

Those new pepsi ads (in the back left) are everywhere! This guy doesnt give a fuck, he's got the casual Edward James Olmos thing going.

Train really crowded, wearing big jacket, lazy random doodles of whomever I can focus on as I'm kinda distracted.

Pacific street was buzzing for 10pm on a weeknight.

Tuesday Morning (1-20-09)