Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lotsa People on the 1, Chambers and 2 (Wednesday, 10-29-08)

Everyone is just melting together today....

also on the 2 train,

and woman in bright yellow popping out of background...

Bad News for the B (Wednesday, 10-29-08)

Got down to 7th ave platform and could tell tehre was trouble. The usually placid station was 5 or 6 deep with sour faced straphangers. A few trains went by before anyone managed to squeeze in. After teh woman below moved off, I couldn't get into anyone else. On train it was sardine city and I couldn't get against the door, so I just put on angry punk rock and bore teh trip.

Kids on the 2 (Tuesday, 10-28-08)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BIg Grey Fro - And More! (Monday, 10-27-08)

1 train, "burly" fellow taking up a few seats with his paper reading...

No regular Plasse exaggeration on the hair.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pain, Makeup, and a Square Jaw (Monday, 10-27-08)

Quick study of woman who seemed deeply pained, as if she was constantly on the verge of tears.

Woman applying makeup as if she was in the girls bathroom, not on the platform at Pacific street. Tough looking (in and old school, square jawed way) guy, no doubt on the way to his job on the docks.

Thursday, 10-23-08

Squatted him a bit to fit him in frame.

Businessman of south asian descent with a proper ponch to complement his fine moustache.

Pacific street.

Sprawled out and napping on the D, woman on left seemed slighly perturbed to be relegated to relatively small amount of bench real estate as she was trying to jot down some notes.

Biz Cazh (Wednesday, 10-22-08)

Tuesday, 10-21-08

Characters on the D and at Atlantic-Pacific

Later, again on the D, woman on right was suspicious.

Hiding under your bangs makes you hipper.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, 10-23-08

Lonely traveler at Union street.

Home on the 1.

Guys in their 30s having a study session on the 3.

G Ride Saturday Billyburg-bound to Paint for the Kids (Saturday, 10-18-08)

Went to Williamsburg Saturday to paint a mural for New York Cares day at ps 84.

Chilly albeit short wait for the G at Smith 9th street.

Tall, likely-Scandanavian, couple got on too...

and then off to paint.

Kids scrambling around movie posters at Metropolitan Av later in the day, all enthusiastically expressing their opinions.

Girl zoning out on the G, until something disturbed her and she had to get up and hang by the door.

My trip would not have been complete without drawing a guy with an ironic beard and a flannel shirt.

I'm Feelin' the Drear of Winter a Coming (Friday, 10-17-08)

It always bums me out when it starts getting dark early, and even when I leave work at a normal time its already nightime, especially when its getting chily. Was a dreary bunch on the 1-2 to Bergen, everyone dreaming of the sun.

Why is Your Bag Looking at Me? (Friday 10-17-08)

Its gotten chilly this AM so this guy on the R has a shiny new baseball cap a few sizes too big to ward off the cold. Woman at Pacific Street decided that the vest with thermal underneath was the move.

Couldn't tell from the back if she was a young popped-out japanese (as the red streaked jet black hair would suggest) or a quirky older woman (hinted at by mauve knit shawl). Not pictured were her big, round thick sunglases. Turned out she was somewhere in the middle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday Morning, 10-16-08

Quickie on the platform at Union Street.

Warm enough still to show a little man cleavage while reading on the R.
Been catching the N lately if it rolls in first at Pacific street. It flies the one stop to Canal making up for the hike I need to take over to Hudson street, but leaving me time for only one, maybe two quick sketches as opposed to the chuggier B or even D.

M-D Voyage to Infinity (Wednesday 10-15-08)

Listening to some Bad Brains on the...

...M to Pacific and the...

...D to west 4th. Tiny Asian woman who was holding her own in this mosh pit of a car.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gold on the 2 Train (Tuesday, 10-14-08)

1 train.

Harder to capture as she was actively drinking coffee.

Dueling headphones.

She was so gold i saw her appreciate in value from Chambers to Bergen street.

Waiting a While at 7th Ave (Tuesday, 10-14-08)

Waiting for the train at 7th Av I was wondering where she was going to work. Somewhere on teh Q I guess, I was stuck waiting for the B.

Still waiting started in on these guyys, guy on left was unfortunately kind of fidgety but cap and glasses dude was nice and still until the B arrived.

And of course after such a wait teh B was a flowing mass of humanity all stretching up to grab something to hold on to.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday NIght and Park Slope Bound (10-10-08)

Very black beard on the D and BADASS man in black on the west 4th platform.

Sour faced woman became quickly obscured by crowd so i dropped her on a poster behind these much jollier looking fellas.

Woman who was making the worst puss on the Pacific street platform, should have showed her and told her to smile. Woman on R looked better in a slight melancholy.