Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pepsi Ads and Booty Shaking (Tuesday, 3-24-09)

Another damn pepsi ad sneaking in again, they should write me a check.

Some more big hair on the 3.

Some booty shaking during the long wait at Atlantic/Pacific for the local train.

Begby on the 1, Others on the 2 (Tuesday, 3-24-09)

Got a little lazy
framing my shots this
morning on the 2 from Grand Army to Chambers.

A pair of european tourists on the 1, the guy had a slightly styled stache and reminded me of the Begbie Character from Trainspotting, but I was betting as I was drawing without the propensity for random violence. They remained as I got off at Houston and grabbed and egg and cheese with turkey bacon on whole wheat toast.

The Specter of Chambers Street (Monday, 3-23-09)

1 train
The shadowy specter of Chambers Street! Actually just a guy in a trench coat but the weird transition of poses that I caught him in made him look all the more sinister.

2 train

With just a touch of Red.

Father conked out while son was busy with his homework, R train to Union.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink Bow, Big Man, Grey Man on a Monday Morning (3-23-09)

Interesting couple on the 2, hand through arm they were pretty much silent yet seemed dedicated.

Big man with tile patterned tie in a dozy state this morning. Every once in awhile his hand would fall from its perch in the bars, he'd half perk up, readjust and go back to his zees. Recently I've been envious of the sleepers but for better or worse I'm the documentarian. Plus as the depravation is pretty strong these days, I'm sure it'd be a sleep through to the North Bronx.

The red in his tie gave a little spark of warmth in an otherwise grim, grey figure.

On the 1 train with reddish tones in the sprouts of hair squeezed out from under her hat.

Friday Afternoon back to BK on the 1 and 3 (3-20-09)

A trio of hip kids on the 1 -guy on the left threw a few Chesire cat grins my way, but I couldn't tell exactly if he was looking at me with the giant cataract shades he was sporting.

Straphangin' on the 3.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Harrassed by Perfectly Pleasant Young Woman on the 2(Friday, 3-20-09)

As I was drawing on the 2 a young Chinese woman with a thick accent woman came over to see what I was doing, which I don't mind and she was pleasant enough. ...
....However as the ride progressed, she just stood there and kept "looking over my shoulder" which definitelystarted to annoy me and affect my concentration. She kept bugging me with teh occasional compliment until she got off somewhere in lower Manhattan, I think Fulton. Maybe I should have drawn her out of revenge, but didn't want to enhance the harrassment even further.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Technicolor Bag (Thursday, 3-19-09)

Guy on the 3 rocking the Pompa-Hawk, halfway between Frankie Avalon and Wattie Buchanan.

Drawing from the end door.

On the 1, hiding under her bangs and wearing all dark and muted color, except for her bag which was blinding with color.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank You Dr. Zizmor! (Wednesday, 3-18-09)

1 train, it was sort of a late seventies art housie elton john type thing.

Chambers street amorphous black dress that was like looking into a black hole.

Guy on 2 train in suit wearing backpack with a slight offness about him, reminded me of heavier set Dr. Zizmor .

Tall guy (probably 6'10ish) with giant hands delicately thumbing through magazine.

Dr. Z look alike again doing a weird flexing thing grabbing bars on either side of the car before exiting at Atlantic.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grand Army to Houston (Wednesday, 3-18-09)

On the platform as the 2 rolls in.

She had a giant purple ring but moved away quickly, seeing a friend down the car. This worked to her advantage though because without her continuously in context my proportion was off and she got about 6 inches taller.

Homeless woman down in the middle of the car with 6 or 7 heavy sweatshirts/jackets on creating a very massive figure.

Leather jacket, cool stache, big cap (perhaps hiding giant evil genius head) on the 1 to Houston.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Houston to Grand Army Plaza (Monday, 3-16-09)

On the 2 approaching Grand Army.

I had seen Curly Red at Chmbers, but could't get a good shot until here.

Couple hanging and reading by the door.

Chambers street.

Sketchy on the 1.

Back to the Standard (Monday, 3-16-09)

Monday morning at 4th ave. Finished up the water color and back to my regular storyboard moleskine.

F train. Dude playing with iPod had nice backdrop of characters in woman with coral headscarf, bowl cut duded with facial hair and striped ski hat guy on right.
The guy on the left wasn't really yellow, but he sorta was. The other guy was glancing at me creepily when he noticed my activity.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday the 13th on the 1-2

With the hood under the big fur rimmed hat she looked some sort of high priestess.

oooooo, chanel. 2 train.

Laser Eyes (Friday, 3-13-09)

A quick vignette from the R train the day before and the man with the Ruby glasses on the 2.

Another page I had previously smeared with wet yellow crayon.The layer of crayon was gooey and mad for some smeary fun with the thick black pen.

Thursday Ride Home on the 3(3-12-09)

Weary glances.

Man with black Yamulkah playing with mobile device over yellow wash.