Thursday, September 4, 2008

7th ave Combo (Wednesday, 9-3-08)

A short wait for the 1 train at Houston street.

Crotchety face on the 1.

Woman on the platform at Chambers, she asked if I was drawing her and of course I told her no. Drawing makes me lie.

Women on the 2.

Chubby young woman in bright aqua T leaning on the door...


Rick said...

I've enjoyoed looking at your sketches. It would appear that your sketching subjects while riding the trains. Are they aware of what you're doing? Do they seem to mind when they find out, or are they happily intterested?

There have been times that I have seen interesting faces, and I wished I had the courage to ask to photograph them for a later illustration, but I never do.

Thanks for sharing.

Ami Plasse said...

thanks rick. i do sketch on the train. mot people are not that aware - people on the nyc subway trains have a tendency not to look at each other, even if they are just a few feet away. sometime people notice, usually they ignore me, or sometimes seem put off and move away. i've had people seemingly strike a pose, and very rearely ask to see. only a couple of times in the many years i've been doing it did i have a really bad rection. you should try it, it's good fun and addictive.