Saturday, November 29, 2008

PreThanksgiving Slightly Drunken Ride to BK on the F (Wednesday, 11-26-08)

Out of work at 2, so after a few hours at Fanelli's, it was the 6 oclock ride home with the big headphones on and a bit of a buzz.

Always been a fan of Pirates' hats, not sure where that quote came from.

Middle aged woman with a rich red hair.

Couple in their hoodies looking more like it was midnight than 615. Early darkness got everyone down...

Shoes, Platform, and Potential Partners (Wednesday, 11-26-08)

Couldn't help but focus on the shoes.

Platform at atlantic/pacific.

These two would have made a great crime fighting duo.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

With pull suitcase on the 1.

One of a crew of transit workers at chambers street. This guy was on the track trying to hammer something in while about 5 others looked on. His frustrated reaction to his task did not inspire confidence.

But it wasn't serious enough to stop the 3 from rolling in. This guy hung like a stern watch tower above the 3 car landscape, especially the group of loud silly girls who I saw later on 5th avenue.

Blue on the B with just a Touch of Color (Tuesday, 11-25-08)

Colorful bandana on an otherwise drab end of car. I think it was gonna make the hat on the left charge though....

Cool North Face jacket bro, don't pull the emergency cord!

Differnt Strokes For Different Folks (Monday, 11-24-08)

Intense and silver haired.

Houston street is boring.

Business style dreads.

Folks doing their thangs.

2 Takes on the B (Monday, 11-24-08)

2 different drawings of basically the same peoples fro a slightly different angle.

Scramblig about a bit with this one. Woman towering above crowd.... rendered in slightly better light, she was really throwing me off by constantly readjusting her hair and that was one of her key visuals (ad douche word, sorry).

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its All in the Hands (Friday, 11-21-08)

Fleeting and fleeing subjects on transient 1.

Started at this guys hands and then moved out from there.

Another Big Yawn (Thursday 11-20-08)


Waiting for the Brooklyn train.

Small woman in mostly black with the occasional color splash, a more mild mannered version of Sin City.

Quickness before Bergen street.

I Think it was Thursday Morning, But Who can Be Sure (Thursdau, 11-20-08)

Hip dude on 7th ave platform facing off against yellow jacketed slickster on the B train. If they ever met I wonder if they'd fight. If they fought I wonder who'd win.

Day Off Trip to Montague (Wednesday, 11-19-08)

Took a day off to catch up on life a bit. Headed to teh old hood to get some new glasses, with a Griff in tow.

Griff and random on the way over to Court STreet on the R.

Woman on the way back on the M catching up on Lindsay and Samantha's latest outing (according to Star).

Tuesday, 11-18-08

On the 1.

Girl reading on the 2. There was a middle aged woman next to her giving me the occasional wary glance. Not sure if she was her mom or just someone who though I might be a perv.

Saturday, November 15, 2008