Saturday, August 21, 2010

And that Afternoon (Thursday, 7-15-10)

Riding to Clark Street to meet boys for doc appointment. Someone else's kid on the 1. Caregiver flipped him around when she saw what I was doing and musta thought me a creep.

Two ladies who got sorta mushed together with their comings and goings.


heidi Younger Illustration said...

What a shame, but I know how that feels when once I was drawing children at a play ground. Parents got in front of their kids so I couldn't sketch them.
I was the creep then.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

that happens SOOOOOO much to me. Irts one of the reasons why if Im drawing kids I make sure to take a good luck at them FIRST before I start drawings. Moms understandably move their kids away from your field of vision when they see you staring at em. It is sad. Whenever I catch a mom staring I let her know kinda what im doing by showing her the picture and at times giving it to her. It's a challenge though... after all, some of these commuters really ARE CREEPS! LOL! I draw LIGHTING FAST though, so by the time they SEE me drawing them... Ive pretty much FINISHED drawing em! HA!!