Friday, February 19, 2010

New Route via South Ferry and Whitehall Street (THursdday, 2-11-10)

Late in the game I've discovered that after the recent rebuild that South Ferry station on the 1 train is now connected to the R Whitehall st station. This is the first try on this new route which somehow seems super secret, even tough its right there on the map. Above waiting on the R at the Whitehall street platform.

On the "R to 95th Next Stop is Union" as blared by the conductor over scratchy PA. Route worked out pretty well 1st time through.

2 ladies and the Return of Pink Sunglasses Dude (Thursday, 2-11-10)

On the 3.
Ahh, pink sunglasses dude, now sporting winter beard, unlike his clean shaven version of last summer.
But despite his sunglasses, it was I who appeared the freak, stalking him from the 3 to the 1, and then following him out at Houston.

February 9, 2010 on the 7th Ave IRT

Sleeping with a slight twinge of strain/pain in the evening Brooklyn bound.

Curly curls into letters and numbers on the 1.

Reading and writing on the 2 that morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cozy Grey Jackets and Pink Turtlenecks on the 3 (Monday, 2-4-10)

Woman on left looked like she had sunk into her jackets as if it was a larg sensory depravation tank and only her head was bobbing above it. Woman to her right kept a harder posture as we rode. To her left teh scene tapered off into fur collors and puffy black jackets.

Hanging by the Phone at Chambers Street on a Friday Afternoon (1-22-10)

Hanging by the sad, long neglected, yellow receivered pay phone on the platform at Chambers street. This guy was wearing those pre-front-faded jeans which have almost a yellowish tint on the faded part, I don't get that sh*t. I know I'm waiting too long for teh train when I start focusing on crap like that.

Montage on a Manhattan Bound 3 Train (Friday, 1-22-10)

Feeling a bit lazy and unfocused this mornin' so just started drawing folks I liked as the inspiration came (or as a previous subject jetted). The old lady in the turquoise jacket was fabulous, I wedged her in last.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby and her Grandma in Red Jacket on the N (Thursday, 1-21-10)

N racing non-stop from Atlantic Pacific to Canal. She looked very demanding but seemed quite the charmer, reminds me of someone...

Real Juice (Wednesday 1-20-10)

Real juice in Sprite huh (as the ad behind her claims) - not sure if that is supposed to make me think that its healthy or what bt this 3 train rider did not seem impressed this morning.

Collar up for the 1 ride from Chambers to Houston.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paper Reader on the 1 and 3 Train Montage (Tuesday, 2-2-09)

Occasionally peaking out from behind the paper on the 1 from Houston to Chambers in front of a motorcycle poster.

Montage of the squished mass of humanity on the extra special packed 3 train - a negative side effect of leaving at a reasonable hour from the office.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Woman in White and Tweety on the R from Canal To Union St. (Monday, 2-1-10)

Her stark white coat and pale skin popping ot against the sea of black puffy jackets and dark wood paneling on the slow moving R train.

The blond dye and rounded features making her vaguely reminiscent of a tweed coated Tweety bird rocking big red headphones as she traveled back to her Brooklyn nest.