Friday, March 25, 2011

Back and Forth to Bay Ridge on My Last Day of Work (Tuesday, 3-15-11)

Awoke early to do some biz down on 86th street before my last day at the agency. Loved this giant pale yellow curly explosion of hair on the Bay Ridge bound R, in contrast to the almost stark white frosty hair of the young Russian woman behind her.

Girl on the left had teh crazy straightend almost flock o seagulls like wave over her face, but her rapid movemnet made me botch her bit.

Back on the R city bound, quickie of this guy with a great gut and romanesque face, but he bailed pretty quick.

And then I hit the N at 59th street, enamored by these two ladies, one perfectly squat like a female-chinese-Don Zimmer (in Brown Yankee hat no less), the other tall young and lean, robustly devouring her breakfast sandwichie-pastry thing.

As the N crossed the Manhattan Bridge, got into her long locky hair (although I suspected extensions) flowing down over her puffy, furry hooded bomber. Totally fucked up the lips.

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