Friday, March 14, 2008

A L ittle bit of Crazy on the V (Wednesday , 3-12-08)

Running to DUMBO for a screening, had to pick up my Maiden tix on the way...
V from 5th ave. As I was drawing this dude, a disturbed lady who was hanging in the corner and clucking, noticed me to my misortune and went on to inform him o my activities. The fact that it didn't seem to bother him didn't dicourage her from going on some insane anti-semetic rant, although I didn't catch it all as I still had my headphones on with the music playing. Last I saw of her, she was doing the exorcist tongue thing as the doors closed at 34th street. Unfortunately didn't get a drawing of her.
As F TRain rolled into BWAY/Lafayette.

Invasion of personal space on F train. He had his mouth very intentionally covered with a pretty nice scarf. Much more fashionable than a drab surgical mask. I'm looking a little scruffy these days, maybe it was for my benefit,

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