Sunday, March 30, 2008

JandR Run, Friday (3-28-08)

At work til about 6am this morning, so decided to sleep in and not go back today. Got up around 11 and made a quick run over to J&R for some ink.
Young guy with some heavy sideburn action on the 3 ride Clark to Fulton.

College age girl reading on the BK Bridge - Borough Hall leg back. She had that same stone faced demeanour that people usually hold up on the train. Although she was amused by whatever she was reading and every once in a while I was amazed by the appearance of a smile and even a quick chuckle, kinda like taking a fleeting peak into a more personal reality.

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p0ps ( Stephen L. Harlow ) said...

I found your post thru a Google alert I set up for J&R, the company I work for. I was surprised and pleased with your drawings and comments.

I'm subscribing to your blog feed. I hope you continue to have fun and do good work.