Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't Wanna be Late for Sex and the City...(Tuesday, 7-1-08)

Got the grandparents to sit so I could take the lady to see SATC, figured I'd be ok with 30 minutes to get there but...
...just missed 1 train as I got down to the platform, so I had some time to observe this tourist trying to work the Metrocard machine at Houston St. station after a lengthy discussion with the station Redcoat which seemed oddly flirtatious.

Next 1 arrived soon thereafter.

A few moments on the Chambers street platform before mine and his 3 trains arrived.

Got into a no AC hot as balls car but was content to get into my drawing until train started sitting at Fulton st. and something came over the speaker about a train with mechanical problems ahead. with about 8 minutes to get to the theater on Court street I decided my best bet would be run through the Donkey Kong like maze which is the Fulton Street station and catch the 4.

Orthodox Jewish man and his daughter who was hiding under her "NY" baseball cap as he was getting involved in a little religious text. Got to theater at 715, movie wasn't playing anymore at that time, so had to hit Cobble Hill cinemas for 8oclock, worked out as we got to grab some quick sushi b4 the show...such a Carrie Bradshaw sequence, outside the fact that she's not big on rapid transit and doesn't go to "Broooooooooooooooklyn".

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