Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yawn, 7th Ave Local-Express Combo Houston to Borough Hall(Monday, 6-30-08)

Gotta admit that since I started this new job last week I've been a little bored in my commute when riding 7th avenue line, its a little too tame during this stretch. Kinda miss the craziness of the A-4 switch at Fulton ride. Been taking advantage of 6th ave and Bway BMTs when I'm out in the slope in the AM. Thankfully that'll be permanent soon.
Fleeting subject as it is on the Local.

Quickie btwn Franklin and Chambers.

Out-of-towners on Chambers platform.

Waifey young woamn on teh 3, she could have used one of those UHO dudes with there sandwiches.

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