Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going Nowhere Fast (Tuesday Evening, 10-16-08)

Waiting with umbrella for the 1 at Houston.

By the doors of the 1.
Got to Chambers and it looked like trouble, much thicker crowd than usual waiting for the 2 or 3. Got on extra crowded train and no one looked too peppy. This guy especially.

The headscarf folds kept shifting as she moved her head, frustrating my efforts to capture the essence of its flow and pattren.

I recognized this guy as a dad from my old neighborhood, but didn't really know him. Instead of making any overtures decided to draw him leaning over and talking to his daughter who ha disappeared in the tall grass of commuters on this slow moving 2. Woman with headscarf from last drawing reflected in the window. Woman next to me who jumped on at Borough Hall had some fast food that filled the car with a fry smell. Pretty sure they were those cajun waffle fries from Popeyes (YUMMMM!!!)

Got on the for one stop and it was bouncing round like bunnies, which caused my slightly deformed rendering of this young woman reading. Sorry.

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