Monday, December 15, 2008

Late Monday Morning (12-15-08)

Just one of those days I just couldn't get going. It was 10 O'Clock before I got to Union Street, so the commute seemed to draaaaggggg.

Woman waiting at Union Street.

These 2 guys were catching zees together one stop on the R. One wa waring a much bulkier jacket that this 60 something degree day called for, so I was thinking he was either working at night outside somewhere or maybe him and his buddy (i can only assume they were cause tey were bothe crashed out in a similar way) had been rocking it hard til the break of dawn. His buddy was wearing a cheap suit though with a distinctive mustard tie (kinda reminded me of what the brothel manager in Taxi Driver was wearing - ya know the guy who got his fingers shot off by DeNiro), so who knows what they were really doing.

The shape of this mass of unruly white and grey hair on the 2 was difficult to capture as every move sent it into another fleeting form.

Pen died. Luckily I found an old brown pastel in my bag and decided to bust out the fruity smelling orange marker for good measure.


Anonymous said...

love the fact that you had a fruity smelling orange marker

Ami Plasse said...

yah, another wonderful perk from work.

Rnormfoto said...

i'm just amazed at how you manage to do this work what seems like every single day! Amazing!!
Anyone ever give you a hard time when they catch you drawing them?

Ami Plasse said...

just twice in all the time i've been drawing i've had a freakout. one of them was actually a women who i wasn't drawing but she saw me drawing someone else, went off on a paranoid anit semitic rant and then left the train. people do occasionally move away uncomfortably.