Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Subtle Details, 3 to Atlantic (Tuesday, 2-17-09)

He kinda had the Al from Home Improvement thing going but had extraordinarily dainty fingers playing with his PDA, especially for an otherwise burly looking fellow.

The guy with the big brown yamulkah became increasingly crouched over as the drawing progressed. Couldn't tell if he was getting really into his book or nodding off. The guy on the right had the normal zone out on the train pose but his clenched fist was a subtle indication that maybe something more was going on with him.

Last moments on my 3 ride.

Waiting at Atlantic Pacific for the R/M, got drawn in by this guys's hat which seemed very muted color wise until closer examination when it began to rival josef's famous dreamcoat. Little fun details are everywhere, but easy to miss unless you pick your head up and pay attention.

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