Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Very Dry Markers (Tuesday, 2-17-09)

Trying to catch the spreading of the paper in a quick sketch between Union and Atlantic-Pacific. I could never handle paper reading on the train, especially the NYTimes. I found that I need like 8 feet of space around me in order to flip pages without smacking someone or turning my paper into a giant spitball.

Luckily caught this guy in a contemplative pose, which he quickly dropped out of to the general stare off into space default subway pose.

Was watching her for a bit but by the time I got to drawing her she bounced. Luckily i had my grape scented marker waiting for me when I got to my desk.

Very Red-faced in the morning.

The way her hat is cropped and with the big dark glassses, she ended up looking like an antiquefuturistic aviator. Her hat actually got more foofy out of frame to the left.

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