Friday, April 24, 2009

Back From the Desert-Exec Creative Directors on My Ride (Wednesday, 4-22-09)

After a few days out where the only train I saw was my son's toy 4 train running the curve around the pool, I'm back on the 3. I forgot my little storyboard moleskine this morning, so am drawing in the big work one. Woman with shaggy blond highlights exited at Hoyt or Borough Hall, so still plenty of space on big spread for another composition.

More shaggy hair, this time attached to a guy with thin stache to goat sleeping in the corner of the train.

Green, white and brown headband - jacket with a little too much of an illustrative pattern all over.

Simon Nickson riding the 1, I saw him from Grand Army but decided to wait til close to Journey's end to catch him. Not sure if he was just involved in his PDA or was straight up ignoring me.


Anonymous said...

Your not getting many comments (recently) so I thought I'd toe the mark,

Your work is brilliant. I do not understrand why there isn't more of a buz.

I do a bit of painting and drawing and such - always too tight. Once I was drawing my wife and she screamed at me to loosen up and go for it. The result was really wild and all over the place BUT it expressed her completely - all the expression of her shouting at me.

You manage this every day, you go for it - FAST and FURIOUS - the energy is what counts for me. Better than a hundred considered and over detailed drawings.

Just my humble opinion.


Deb said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your work - always excited to see your next blog post.

Ami Plasse said...

Thanks Guys.