Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Ride Home (Friday, 4-3-09)

Green suit on the 1.

The uptown side at Chambers street, but the Uptown express rolled in and erased my composition so...

I found another one on the benches on my platform.

After a 2 drawing wait at Chambers, it was on to the 2.

Man with very dark, inset eyes grooving to some tunes, golf shirt just poking out of his green coat. Man with unique profile cutting a tough guy glance through the packed car.

Woman who was white as you could be with just a few hints of pink tones in her cheek, eyelids and lips standing at the focal point for the pressure building up to the mass exodus off at Atlantic Ave.

Quickie of young woman on the R who's bangs flew down sharply like daggers from an impressive bun a top her head.

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