Thursday, May 14, 2009

C'mon F Train, Watchu Waiting For! (Wednesday, 5-13-09)

After some hectic days, took it easy this morning - kid to school, sat down and ate breakfast, etc... Strolled over to 4th Ave. F stop, got up to platform and SCORE!, F train just about to come into station. BUt wait, why is it just sitting there. I turn and look down platform and lo and behold there is a service train down at the end with a bunch of transit workers milling around, doing this and that. After a few minutes of my platform-mates and I doing the Tennis Match head to up on what was going on, they finally got loaded up on the yellow flatbed car and rolled away, allowing our ride to roll in.

On the F, crowd by the seat on the door, they got off at Jay Street...

...and are quickly replaced by a slightly hipper bunch.

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