Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting the Nudge on the F train from Smith 9th (Tuesday, 5-26-09)

Took care of some verizon biz in the AM and then hoofed it up the neverending escalators at Smith 9th for F to work.

Beefy dude with tight ringer tee, and it was a little chilly for shorts this morning, maybe he couldn't resist showing off his killer calves. In contrast, guy behind maybe slightly conservative in his dress for this brisk but still beautiful spring day. Also randomly carrying some kind of white construction rod.

Young guy fiddling with his DS. Constantly switching hands as if he was getting cramps from too much gaming. Semi whacked out homeless guy next to him kept nudging him and asking if we were at west 4th yet. When he exited, I started getting the nudge.

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