Friday, July 17, 2009

Greenpoint Bound on Independence Day (Saturday, 7-4-09)

Walked to Carrol to get G, tommorrow it'll start running at 4th ave (and all teh way to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy for the rest of you) - woohoo. It was sitting in middle of platform as I walked in (being a short train). I booked to catch it, but was too late. Last thing I wanted was to just miss a G on a holiday weekend. Prepared myself for a long wait but wasn't too bad. G getsbad rep, but it ain't that bad.

Mother daughter cautionary tale on the G.

Muslim woman with son being partially eclipsed by woman with mad baggage.


adriano dos anjos said...

Adoro esses desenhos feitos em lugares e espaços totalmente urbanos.

Ami Plasse said...