Monday, July 13, 2009

Uptown, Mdtown, Beer, Brooklyn (Wednesday, 7-1-09)

Headed uptown after work to make a Shiva call on the UES. 1 train
to shuttle from Times Square to GC40deuce, and to the 6 to 86th street.

Afterwards some beers at the Wheeltapper near GC40Deuce. Midtown crowd but decent beer and nice garden to chill in. After a few back on 4 Brooklyn bound. Was tryng to raw someone with a happy face, not many people show that on the train, so I had to use some artistic lcense.

I was unhappy when the 4 train I was on terminated at Bowling Green. So we all got off and waited in the hot station for the next one going to BK.

Dug this dude's polo, not afraid to rock the collar up while he snoozed.


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

I love your art, these are great...And the small stories you tell. Thanks for the inside on your vision of these subways. So cool!!

savageyes said...

just beautiful!!! keep on groving! welcome on my french subway-art-street-photo-blog: