Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Coats and Strawberry Headphones 1-3-M (Thursday, 5-28-09)

Quickie on the 1.
3 train. got a little ill with the blue pen, punishing my poor moleskine.

3 very different ladies in a row.

quick sketch on the M from Atlantic Pacific to Union. The greyish of the new cars made her strawberry ice cream colored headphones pop in my head. They may have been lost in the orange, yellow, red, creamy colored Rs that also run this route.

Eyelashes on the 2 (Thursday, 5-28-08)

Wide set and enhanced, striking accompanied with the contrast between her very dark features and bright coral coat.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S#!t Juice on a Short R Train Ride (Tuesday, 5-26-09)

She looked like a contortionist.

So get on the R train at Atlantic-Pacific. It smells bad. I look around and can tell everyone else is thinking same thing. Look around for source, thinking its an unwashed individual, but no one can be found. Then notice section of conspicuously empty seats. A couple of them filled with dark murky liquid. What is that liquid? Yum. I got of at Union. Half the car got off and moved a car up.

Getting the Nudge on the F train from Smith 9th (Tuesday, 5-26-09)

Took care of some verizon biz in the AM and then hoofed it up the neverending escalators at Smith 9th for F to work.

Beefy dude with tight ringer tee, and it was a little chilly for shorts this morning, maybe he couldn't resist showing off his killer calves. In contrast, guy behind maybe slightly conservative in his dress for this brisk but still beautiful spring day. Also randomly carrying some kind of white construction rod.

Young guy fiddling with his DS. Constantly switching hands as if he was getting cramps from too much gaming. Semi whacked out homeless guy next to him kept nudging him and asking if we were at west 4th yet. When he exited, I started getting the nudge.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday NIght 1-3-R to Uniion Street(5-21-09)

A couple of guys who looked like contractors just coming off a job gabbing it up at Chambers street.

Started with the yamulkah as it was so prominent, but later regretted not leaving more real estate for beard.

Young woman or teenage girl (i'm shitty at ages) whimsically holding bunch of reed like flowers. Also the big scarf was an interesting choice considering the heat of the day and the casual look shewas rocking with the rest of her outfit.

2 Train (Monday, 5-20-09)

Kids bouncing around the car.

Everybody all mushed up, but unfazed.

Wednesday Morning (5-20-09)

Interesting couple conversing on the 2.

Son of Mo-Dee, Kool that is.

Stylish suit and tie on the 1 from Chambers, rocking a handsome well syled, widow peaked mane which I couldn't decide whether was saying big baller of big cheesball. He was looking a bit like an older version of Don Trump jr.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shiny Jacket and More (5-19-09)

Riding in on the 3.

Incredibly frail looking old man with scruffy grey puffs of hair and blue knit cap reminiscent of an ancient longshoreman.

1 train, grey haired lady with super shiny vinyl jacket and pink jeans. Musta been riding home from aquite a party.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday Morning, 5-18-09

Ballpointpennin'. Beers and fried chicken from last night still sloshing in stomach, drawing causin' nausea. Need........donut. Luckily its monday and they are waiting for me at work.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Under the Influence of Spicy Cheese (Friday, 5-15-09)

...from Jana's friday afternoon cheese happy hour. A little burning feeling in my stomach to help my drawings along - 1 train.

3 train.

Slickster with a bit of a Pompadour going. I recognize him as another who makes a living in the vicinity of the Houston street station.

Man in black clinging, in claw-like fashion, to the pole.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

GREEN SKULLS! (Friday, 5-15-09)

Was looking at paatern on her sweater and it took me a few moments before I realized it was green skulls, an interesting and telling little detail - dope...

Woman on left actually a composite of two women - 1 woman and then her nore petite friend after the first one bounced - if she looks like a bit of an awkward creature. She was also rocking a bag with green patternage, although much less cool. Thankfully the guy on her left kept it steady and grey to anchor the drawing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Need to Pay Attention, Missed My Stop (Thursday, 5-14-09)

On the 3.

Quick sketch of transit worker with the day-glow vest. Shoulda followed her. She got off, the doors closed. Shoulda followed her. PA said, next stop Christopher Street. Great, too bad it's raining.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

C'mon F Train, Watchu Waiting For! (Wednesday, 5-13-09)

After some hectic days, took it easy this morning - kid to school, sat down and ate breakfast, etc... Strolled over to 4th Ave. F stop, got up to platform and SCORE!, F train just about to come into station. BUt wait, why is it just sitting there. I turn and look down platform and lo and behold there is a service train down at the end with a bunch of transit workers milling around, doing this and that. After a few minutes of my platform-mates and I doing the Tennis Match head to up on what was going on, they finally got loaded up on the yellow flatbed car and rolled away, allowing our ride to roll in.

On the F, crowd by the seat on the door, they got off at Jay Street...

...and are quickly replaced by a slightly hipper bunch.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leaving Us Hanging at Atlantic-Pacific (Tuesday, 5-12-09)

1 train.

Started getting into her on the 2, and then she jetted at Fulton :(.

Rastaman in blue.

So get to the R/M platform at Atlantic-Pacific, a couple of M trains come on express track, going straight to 36th street. Waiting a few more minutes, draw this guy crouching reading on the platform. I see him in the neighborhood alot, he's got a little blond kid and is in teh park alot. When he's not with kid, always got big headphones with antenna, mets hat and paper. Anyway some garbelygook on the speaker another M on the express track. See a conductor and he relates that there is NO southbound local trains. Exit the platform and try to inform other waiting riders. Few listen and continue on their pointless wait. Exit to 4th ave and hoof it down home, late for sitter as usual.....

Tuesday Morning, 5-12-09

Stoically waiting on the 3 at Grand Army.

3 train.
Big man with long eyelashes reading what looked to be a little prayer book. My coworker Lisa reading against door, being obscured by his straphanging arm.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Smells Underground (Monday, 5-11-09)

A growing funky odor as I am entering Houston street 1 station these days. These guys were on the 1 which smelled peachy.

Hanging on the bench at chambers in cool bloooo.

3 train.

Old hasidic man i sketched for the last few moments of the 3.

I don't think it was him who smelled, I just liked his hat.