Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading About the Curse (Wednesday, 3-24-10)

2 train to 42nd street Times square, morning trip to the Doc.

Lookalike Couple on the F to West 4th Street (Tuesday, 3-23-10)

I mean I guess they were a couple, they didn't converse the whole ride but it would have been insane if they weren't. I think they got off at B'Way Lafayette together though.

Transit Worker Late night on the A (3-20, well actually 21, -10)

A mass of bright orange and yellow over black hoodie.

It's a Saturday Night (3-20-10)

Riding in to the meatpacking district for some bachelor party fun. There were guys showing of their biceps on the G from 4th ave.

Tall leggy brunettes waiting on the A at Hoyt Schermerhorn.

And an array of folks including a little girl out a little late on the A to 14th street.

Long Dreads and Accidental Karl Malden Nose (Thursday, 3-18-10)

3 Train.

Sorry 'bout the nose. Woman on left was all over the places with her paper, ended up looking like that duchamp painting.

Park Slope Bound (Wednesday, 3-17-10)

1 train to South Ferry.

R train from Whitehall.

Palish figure with a slight zombie-esque quality headed down 4th ave.

Cool Shades Baby (Wednesday, 3-17-10)

Round faced girl in black next to more severe looing woman with purple accents on her shirt, barreling towards Chambers street on the 2.

Owlish Woman on the 1 (Tuesday, 3-16-10)

Spread out into a mass of jacket.

Onto the R where I was sketching her away until my co-worker James hopped on at Dekalb, he being a slave to the to R combo, I opting for the 1 to R. He left 10 mins before me so I felt pretty good about my route right about then.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Trainers (Tuesday, 3-16-10)

Longhair Dude Reading on the 1 (Monday, 3-15-10)

Riding Home on a Friday Evening (3-12-10)

Couple conversing in the corner on the R to Union street.

3 Train to Chambers, 1 to Houston (Friday, 3-12-10)

I started thinking about what inspired this woman at the hair salon. As a bald man I'm always perplexed at people doing questionable things to a perfectly good head of hair.

Quick sketch of my benchmate on the Chambers street platform.

Reading in a big black hoodie, hair was pulled by so tightly it parted at her temple.

Pale Blonde Woman in Beige and Brown Next to iPhone Weilding Ultra Orthodox Man (Thursday, 3-11-10)

Riding the D to West 4th.

Long Faces on the R (Wednesday, 3-10-10)

Orange and Blue Markers on the D (Tuesday, 3-9-10)


Kindlin' on the F (Monday, 3-8-10)

Woman on the F train passin g morning ride entranced by her Kindle, a device that always seems a bit awkward to me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2 Train (Monday, 2-22-10)

Young woman, with th ebig head of crazy curl hair that's just so fun to draw.

Big man with an awesome fat neck and seemingly enormous dark green trenchcoat.

Reading in greys and blues.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sex Talk and Whatnot (Friday, 2-19-10)

This guy and his metrosexual friends gabbing about their favorite sex postions and exploits with the ladies, letting us all know the gory details. For some reason everyone behind him was sporting a striped ski cap. Little bit of a surreal scene on the R on a Fridat afternoon----

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Seat full of Pee on the R Train (Thursday, 2-18-10)

So whenever there is an empty seat on a crowded train there is a reason. Usually something or someone foul, sometimes both. This time it was both but only the something remained.

It took the form of some soggy papers on a seat sopping up what looked to be a small pool of urine.
Interestingly enough all the adjoinning seats were occupied and everyone seemed to be ignoring the little patch of fowlness. Now I know logically that the pool cannot attack, and it looked to shallow to even spill or splash over, even with some train turbulence. But I still felt the need to keep some distance.

Bundled Lady, Post Blizzard (Thursday, 2-18-10)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going Home For the Snow (Tuesday, 2-16-10)

Blizzard a coming.

Giants earmuffs sure to do the trick. Curmudgeony attitude though, while the couple behind him were sharing some warm moments.

1 Train (Tuesday, 2-16-10)

Feeling a little grungy this AM, took it out on this guy reading in the big puffy jacket on the way to Houston street.

Getting a Look and Curly Blond Hair all Clad in Black(Friday, 2-12-10)

From this dude in black crossing his legs and shifting about on the 1 train crawling down to South Ferry.
With hand on chin, big black headphones and wispy pale blond hair falling from big black scarf on the R.