Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad Trip Back from the BK (Tuesday, 8-9-11)

Back in NYC for a few, took the opportunity to take Griff to see his doc at Grand Army while we were here. What shoulda been an easy ride back to the UES turned into a major whiny mission. Griff temporarily quelled by Twizzlers.

Planned on grabbing the 4/5 at Nevins for the ride up to 86th, but it was not meant to be. At Nevins announced that some knucklehead train was broken down at Wall st, sending everyone West. Griff was already in rare form, and by the time the 2 hit Manhattan he was already breaking down. The sugar rush wearing off as I dragged him off the 2 at TS42nd, up to the shuttle, across to GCFortyDeuce, and finally boarding a mosh pit 6 train up to 86th and Lex. All in all a pleasant 90 minutes of transit. Thanks MTA! Its good to be back home.

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