Sunday, February 17, 2008

Early Friday Ride Home on the 5 (2-15-08)

Still trying to get well and now on some drugs, took off a little early on Friday to try and let some healing begin.
The mellowness of the early hour was offset by the tardiness of the train. The guy on the right had ants in his pants and a sour on his puss.

My man on the left ducked outta site as soon as he made me.

This guy on the 5 train was immaculately groomed (too bad my loose hand doesn't let that shine through). Buzzed side and flat top alla 80s Rude Boy. Not a hair out of place on the beard.

Extreme close-up. Dude next to me was like "Shit, am I gonna end up in dat book?" I asked if he wanted to, he didn't.

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