Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blue Jacket, Red Coat, Morning Commute - 2 Train, 1 Train (Monday, 3-9-09)

Perusing a big brown book, looking very Talmudic.

More of the woman in blue jacket and red jacket. Woman in blue had an all around paleness to her, skin and hair, except for a bright red cheek

Indicative of the odd social interaction of the subway, intense looks in close quarters but with almost no interaction.

Man in suit with heavy brow that gave him a tough guy look.


Ian Andersen said...

Love the new format, the resizing for the thumbnails is a little odd, but the full size pics are stunning. Are you using the watercolor moleskine now or is this a different brand of notebook?

Ami Plasse said...

thanks ian. yah i'm going to try something different for the thumbnails, the scaling down on the verticals especially bugs me. it it a moleskine watercolor. i have mixed feelings about the paper. it definitely holds color really nicely and is much more durable, but i kinda like the "beaten the carp outta" texture i get from teh regular moleskines. change is hard.