Friday, March 6, 2009

New Kind of Sketchbook - Dope, Slothy Ride - Not so Dope (Thursday, 3-5-09)

So I ran out of my standard small storyboard moleskines so I picked up the landscape watercolor one that I had laying around the office and started messing around. Here's where it began.

Prince charming he was not, but was rocking the hair and strong brow.

Catching wideness with my new landscape canvas at Chambers street. Twas' a real bit of a wait, something must have been up with service.

So 2 Train was pretty mosh pit when I got on. There was some pushing and shoving accompanied by some groans. But this woman was taking it in stride wearing a "nothing is phasing me" expression.
Turning it 90 degrees. It gets a little awkward and somewhat unweildly but managed to catch some ceiling which I never do (its a bit of a yawner.)

More skyscaper
So was waiting way too long for a the R/M at Atlantic-Pacific, at least in rush-hour time. This whole commute was kind of a drag, hope this new style of book isn't a jinx.


gabi campanario said...

really like the new format!

Isabel said...

format is looking great loved the interview at urban great work yours