Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink Bow, Big Man, Grey Man on a Monday Morning (3-23-09)

Interesting couple on the 2, hand through arm they were pretty much silent yet seemed dedicated.

Big man with tile patterned tie in a dozy state this morning. Every once in awhile his hand would fall from its perch in the bars, he'd half perk up, readjust and go back to his zees. Recently I've been envious of the sleepers but for better or worse I'm the documentarian. Plus as the depravation is pretty strong these days, I'm sure it'd be a sleep through to the North Bronx.

The red in his tie gave a little spark of warmth in an otherwise grim, grey figure.

On the 1 train with reddish tones in the sprouts of hair squeezed out from under her hat.

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bitsOfBobs said...

That big man sketch is AWESOME!. I'm new to moleskines. I LOVE IT