Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get the F@#! OUTTA MY WAY!...im trying to draw (Monday, 4-28-08)

Rode home on the 1-3 combo from 50th St. and 7th Ave. For some reason whenever I started something, invariably someone would hop right in the way. Who says New Yorkers aren't rude anymore...

Waiting at 50th st for the 1.

Switched Up at 40Deuce Times Square for the 3. Started drawing the lady in the burbery hat, and der, this guy lanks in right in front of me, totally oblivious to the fact that art is happening.

Finally got a small window of clear shot. The big guy on the right hulked over teh 2 women in a size contrast that reminded me of old marvel comics covers - like the Thing and MRS. FANTASTIC.

This guy was geting real serious with his book while young woman next to him was banging around with her PSP...

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