Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday Morning Detour to Gowanus (4-1-08)

Had to run an errand B4 work over on 3rd ave.
Shared an otherwise empty car on the M to Union St. with these 2 orthodox women. The one on the left did most of the talking.

Afterwards walked up to Atalntic Ave. to catch 4 back to GC40Deuce. 2 ladies with lots of braids took little notice of me. This time it was the one on teh right who was chatty.

She was like a statue and here face had the look of being chiseled from stone, with very hard angled cheeks, chin and nose.

Last quick sketch as train roled into station. Have a hard time passing up drawing Hasidim. Not quite sure what he was doing, either writing or wrapping a present.

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