Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Midday Errand to Brooklyn No-Man's Land (Wednesday, 4-23-08)

Had to run a little errand to Brooklyn to the remarkably-difficult-to-reach-by-rapid-transit-area that lies on the edge of the Navy Yard somewhere in between Clinton Hill, Williamsburg and Oblivion....

A few moments on the 7 platform at GC4oDeuce. High ceiling in there and started drawing hanging structures, but 7 train rolled in quickly.

2 of a group of 4 girls on the 7 train, the other 2 to the left were more giggly, these 2 were the wet blankets I guess.

Middle aged man with cane on the G Train from Queens to Classon Ave. Been many years since I've ridden this stretch and its interesting mix of folks (especially in the middle of the day).

Midday super hero on right, giant grey manchu beard, crazy specs, competetive running uniform, visor and big bun of hair tied tightly atop his head. Unfortunately he jetted just as I noticed him. Started drawing the young lady on the right but then we were at Classon.

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