Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Riding Home Down 7th Ave (Monday, 1-28-08)

Shuttle-2 Train combo home as I had to deal with street cleaning rules...
It was late, so I had a bit more than the usual 20 seconds on the Shuttle to Times Sq. The pole was really leading to some distortion on this lady.

This was actually a composite of 2 girls, one got off after a few seconds, but was luckily replaced by another quickly.

Started drawing woman on the left, but she bolted next stop. Continued with girl on right and then she jumped ship the following one, although I think she was trying to pose for me while she was still there. She tried to catch a peak over my shoulder as she exited.

This lady was really into her book and seriously macking on her Jamba Juice

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alex weider said...

This made me laugh hard for some reason.