Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Many Trains Back to Brooklyn (Tuesday, 1-29-08)

Went to check out an Open Studio in Dumbo last night, so took the 4-6-F combo GC40Deuce to York St. Not much time to settle in anywhere, so here are some quickies...
Would have liked to get more time with lady on left, she had some Busta hair and lots of other fun things going on.

Nice jacket dude.
IThe guy on the right looked out of place on the F Train, even in these gentrified days. He got off at 2nd Avenue, was suprised he was going that far east, but I shouldn't judge. Made lady on left a lil scarier than I needed to, but she had somewhat gaunt features which brought that out in me. I used to try to do knockout outlines and fill for the line/station lettering on black, but my time was short. Sorry you didn't get the attention you deserved Culver.

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