Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Luxurious Ride on the 7th Ave IRT and GC Shuttle(Thursday 1-17-08)

After dropping the boy off at school, decided to mix it up and take the 2,3 route that I hadn't used much in a bit. Mellow ride compared to 4, 5 - positively relaxing. Only thing that would have made it better was a Mimosa and a nice Feta omelet with turkey apple breakfast sausage. Guess I'll bring my own next time.
Had a minute or 2 of platform time.

I guess the one black glove on was about the coffee, but it reminded me of a good vs evil thing, like she was having some sort of internal struggle alla Luke Skywalker.

Started with dude back right, but she jumped in way, so she end up looking a bit scary.

Instead of running for the Shuttle to GC that was waiting when I came upstairs from the 2, I waited on the next so I could have a little more sketch time on the quick ride. Unfortunately that next one pulled out with a quickness. Luckily I picked the most sluggish passenger in the car, so I had a few extra secs to catch him... 

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