Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday Afternoon Trip to LaGuardia (1-21-08)

Had to take a quick trip out of town, so took a long ride to LaGuardia on the 4 Train/M60 Bus combo.
Waiting at Borough Hall. He was uneasy with my attention, she was just really into her cookies.

Cookie girl again in the backround.

The guy on the right had an interesting profile, like that of an ancient Egyptian prince. The dude on the left had a thick brow and intense face like a 70s X-Men character.

By the time we got to 125th, the train had gotten pretty crammed, for a holiday. People were being shifted all over, but that baby on the bottom right was just macking with his bottle the whole way, unfazed.

So I generally stick to the train, but since this was a contiguous journey....

...here are a couple of sketches from the M60 bus form Lexington Av-LaGuardia, and...
...the dude next to me on the plane - a little Embraer jet that was like a flying MRI machine. Really liked his ponch.

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